Insights on Bourdain’s new show ‘The Layover’

If you’re expecting The Layover to be a compressed version of No Reservations, you are mistaken. Anthony Bourdain’s has a completely different game plan for the show that airs November 21 at 9 PM ET/PT on the Travel Channel.

How different?

The Layover is trying to be more useful than No Reservations. Instead of just watching Bourdain doing something amazing, he wants to show you how to make the most of your 24-48 hour layover.

I’m sure that you can attest to the one incredible, local dish in your area. That’s important to Bourdain and the show.

Bourdain talks of The Layover reflecting on a question “what do we do better in New York than any place else?” He offers the “pastrami sandwich” as a food and follows with, “we’re kinda looking for the Tokyo version, or the Hong Kong version, or Singapore version, or Montreal, or L.A., or San Francisco version of pastrami sandwich.”

It’s not just about food. Dive bars and other amazing places that “you might not be able to stumble upon yourself” are also central to the show.

And yes, Bourdain has planned a layover into his trips before.

Still having a good time

Bourdain’s production crew is just as adventurous as he is, which is probably a big part of why he says “it’s still fun.” When you unearth random trivia like the Frankfurt airport will tweet you within minutes if you complain about them on Twitter, on your job, it’s hard to not like it.

But, Bourdain does say, “the minute it stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it.”

Random fact: Believe it or not, IN-N-OUT has declined Bourdain’s coverage.

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