All about the numbers: Great American Beer Festival

In about an hour, the Great American Beer Festival will kick off their three day event at the Colorado Convention Center in the Mile High City. We’ve compiled some numbers, giving you an idea on how “great” this beer festival really is.

  • 20 breweries at the first GABF
  • 40 beers served at the first GABF
  • 83 categories of beers will be judged at GABF 2011
  • 100 tons of ice to used at GABF 2011
  • 170 judges judging beers at GABF 2011
  • 524 breweries competing at GABF 2011
  • 1982 the first ever GABF
  • 2011 the year GABF celebrates its 30th anniversary
  • 2,400 beers to be served at the 2011 GABF
  • 3,400 volunteers at GABF 2011
  • 3,900 beers the judges will be tasting at 2011 GABF
  • 4,020 beers to be judged for the Great America Beer Festival ceremony
  • 36,000 gallons of beer to be available at 2011 GABF
  • 49,000 attendees expected at the 2011 GABF

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