Chicago’s Pat Bertoletti downs 264 gyozas at the 5th Annual Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship

Eating contests are never pretty, just watch an episode of Adam Richman’s Man V. Food. Last weekend, in downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, top MLE (Major League Eating) competitors like Matt Stonie, Sonya Thomas and Patrick Bertoletti came to compete for $5,000 and bragging rights at the 5th annual gorge-fest that is the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship and joined by hundreds of spectators. The previous record was held by 2011 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, Joey Chestnut with 231 gyozas. And this time the record was broken by number two competitive eater in America, Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti with 264 gyozas in ten minutes.

Winner winner gyoza dinner!

Besides holding the record for most gyozas, a Japanese style pot sticker, eaten, Patrick Bertoletti holds 34 other world records like eating 4.26 lbs of baby back ribs in eight minutes and downing 275 pickled jalapenos in eight minutes. We asked Patrick if he was going to eat anymore for the rest of the day, he told us, “I am going to go strictly liquid and adult beverages,” and plans to eat a light lunch the following day. He added, “I feel alright. I am not full. I just don’t want to eat anymore gyozas for a while.”

Matt Stonie, who is ranked 10th on MLE came in second with 213. Sonya Thomas, who holds the record for the women’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, came in third place with 209.

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