Mr. Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern teams up with Cascal soda for unique flavors

There is Andrew Zimmern (pictured above) demonstrating the preparation of the geoduck clam to pair with not wine or beer, but soda. The host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods recently teamed up with Cascal, a soda company with unconventional flavors for a soda and food tasting. [info]

It’s in the flavors

Zimmern is a common name in the food world, but what about Cascal? Launched in 2009, Cascal’s fermented sodas are crafted with natural juices and are fairly low in calories (60-80) than popular sodas, making them an interesting drink to pair with your eating experience.

The flavors of the soda ranges from pear to kaffir lime. Here’s a list:

  • Crisp White with notes of pear, apricot, and magnolia.
  • Ripe Rouge with notes of cherry, chocolate, and rose.
  • Bright Citrus with notes of lemongrass, tangerine, and pineapple.
  • Berry Cassis with notes of blackcurrant, tangerine, and lemon.
  • Fresh Tropical with notes of mango, jasmine, and kaffir lime.

Two sides of the same coin

The union between Cascal and Zimmern couldn’t be more appropriate, “Deliciously bubbly with an adventurous spirit – you’d be right if you were talking about me or CASCAL,” is how he describes it. Zimmern’s background and expertise will help in highlighting the cooking and pairing potentials of the sodas.

Don’t know what to do with these sodas? Cascal, with Zimmern, plans on featuring recipes and pairings on their Facebook page and at local events. You’d be able to find some way to explore the drink.

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