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4 Ways to Improve Employee Health

There are a number of ways you can help keep your employees healthy. From making sure that they have a good, safe workspace to investing in a wellness program, you can make a difference in their overall health. Redesign work to support well-being Increasing employee well-being and reducing burnout requires a redesign of work. In […]


7 Steps to Take to Ensure Your Business is Cyber Secure

Not having a cyber secure business poses a substantial risk to your employees, customers, and company’s success. Thankfully, there are several simple steps in ensuring that your business is and remains cyber secure. 1- Identify Business Risks Your business is a target for cyber-attacks. To identify the risk level to your business from cyber-threats, consider […]

Jack Landsmanas
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How Jack Landsmanas creates sustainable food security for Mexico

With technology growing and improving at exponential rates around the world, it’s time to start focusing on sustainability. That’s what entrepreneur Jack Landsmanas’ company Corporativo Kosmos is focusing on now: adopting and further developing sustainable practices. As the leader of Mexico’s largest foodservice provider, Jack Landsmanas takes the initiative to invest in new technologies and […]