My Favorite New York Pastry Shops

New York City is known for many great things. One of the sweetest things it is known for its pastries. George Rutler is one of the most spiritual men in the city but even he takes the time out of his schedule to enjoy some tasty pastry. These are some of the best pastry shops in New York City based on his recommendations.

Make My Cake

This pastry shop is on the Upper West Side. It is operated by a third-generation baker and there are many different types of cakes to select from. If a person has a special occasion coming up they can get a cake with some of the most elaborate decorations in the city. This shop is known for its moist German chocolate cakes and sweet red velvet cakes. The cheesecakes come topped with fruit and they are rich and creamy. If a person is not ready to indulge in a full cake they can select from several different flavors of cupcakes.

Two Little Red Hens

This shop has some great smells and a person can smell their baked goods from down the stress. They have everything from pies to scones. There are cupcakes, cheesecakes, and many different cookies. A person should try the sour cherry crumble pie or the pear ginger scones. The Brooklyn blackout cupcakes are filled with chocolate pudding and frosted then topped with additional chocolate for icing. A person should also taste an authentic New York cheesecake at this bakery. This is Father Rutler’s most favorite pastry shop.

The French Workshop

This pastry shop is operated by a father and son team. They are one of the newer pastry shops and opened up in 2016. They offer taste bourdaloue which are poached pears that come with an almond creation. There are chocolate bombs and an opera cake. The pies are crumbly and they are a must have at this pastry shop.

Cannelle Pastry

This is said to be one of the finest shops in the city. There are many classic French pastries. The chocolate croissants are highly recommended as well as the cinnamon roll apple Danish. This place will offer a great sweet treat and is open early for breakfast so a person can start the day off with a sweet beginning.

Leonelli Focacceria e Pasticceria

This shop is known for pizza and flatbread but they also make some tasty pastries. The cannoli is made to order so it cannot get fresher. The mini chocolate bundt cake is soft and moist. The pistachio cornetto and the bomboloni filled with jam make a nice addition to any meal.

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

This shop is known for a chocolate layer cake and cream puffs with a cookie like texture. There are some great donuts such as the brioche doughnuts that are filled with vanilla cream. The chocolate chip cookies are also a must have.

These are some of the best pastry shops in New York City and they come highly recommended. These shops will allow a person to satisfy their sweet tooth and enjoy some of the finest baked goods in the city.


Origin of the Quesadilla

Where did quesadillas originate? It all started from one of the world’s most beautiful countries, home to many musical and food traditions, and also home for successful people such as Salma Hayek, Carlos Santana, and Diego Ruiz Duran. Quesadillas actually means “the little cheesy thing” and that’s exactly what it is! This flour and cheesy melted sensation has been around the northern and central parts of Mexico since the 16th century. Aztec people were believed to be some of the first settlers that discovered this gourmet treat. Long before today’s traditional ovens, the Aztec used clay ovens to produce quesadillas and stuffed them with squash and pumpkins. To have a food that existed from the 16th century and survive to the 21 century, speaks volume that this delicate small dish is not to be underestimated.

To prepare the original Mexican flavor of a quesadilla, there are a few things needed from the neighborhood’s local grocery store to get this dish started. These ingredients include, flour for homemade tortillas, salt, and baking powder. These ingredients alone only prepare just tortillas. After mixing these items together, the next step is to add in lard and stir until the mixture has a corn mill like appeal. Early Aztecs grinded “maize” also known as Mexican corn to make tortillas. Next, add water to help the prior ingredients stick together. Once this is done, remove the now gelled dough, and let it sit until it becomes smooth. After allowing it to sit, now it’s time to roll the dough into a smooth ball to ensure all the texture is the same. Use a wood based rolling pin to even out the dough ball until it is a perfect circular formation that resembles a pizza crust. From there it’s time to sit the dough into a frying pan and sizzle until lightly coated with a light brown fluffy texture. For a basic cheese tortilla add butter and grated cheese on the tortillas, and fold so that the cheese is covered. Stick the tortilla back in the frying pan and flip a few times until it is crisp to then serve!
Quesadillas have made a major impact in the United States as the original Mexican dish has become home to many American kitchens as well. The United States has found a way to “Americanize” quesadillas through popular fast food restaurants like Taco Bell, CookOut, and Chili’s. Since the 16th century, not only is cheese added between the flour tortillas, but also meats like chicken, and veggies such as sautéed bell peppers and onions, have been added to quesadillas! Although this mouth watering triangular shaped treat may be a way to pack on calories, even Diego Ruiz Duran admits that “junk food is delicious” in an health habits article. Not even he could deny the savoring taste of this scrumptious taste bud erupting appetizer. It is safe to say that quesadillas are not only here to stay, but they are also evolving, so stay tuned!

Food Health

3 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Of all the muscles in the human body, the heart is the hardest working. Suppose someone gets lucky to live 100 years, the heart shall have beat at least 3 billion times. Despite being very strong, the heart is highly susceptible to infections. Some of these infections are caused by diet, lifestyle choices, and genetics. That said, here are three tips for a healthy heart.

1. Control The Amount of Food You Eat

Besides what a person eats, it is also vital to consider how much they eat. Filling a plate and eating faster until the stomach is fully packed might cause people to consume too many calories. The amount of food served in restaurants is always more than your body needs. Andrew Napolitano makes it a point to always watch for portion size.

 To control the portions of food people consume, consider using a small plate or bowl. It is okay to eat lots of food with low levels of calories. Try to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, and make a daily routine.

People should make sure they are careful with the number of servings they take each day. Each food group has a different recommended number of servings that everyone needs to stick to. If there isn’t clear information about this, people can either contact their nutritionist or try to find the details on the internet.

2. Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

A heart needs a lot of minerals and vitamins, and they should come from fruits and vegetables. Note that if the minerals and vitamins come from strange sources, like processed ones, then it exposes the heart to serious complications.

Vegetables and fruits, just like other plant-based foods, don’t contain excess calories and are, therefore, safe to consume. They are also rich in dietary fiber, which is great for enhanced heart health.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in substances that might protect someone from various cardiovascular infections. Some people try to avoid too much consumption of calories by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

It is easy to add fruits and vegetables to any diet. However, since these are naturally sourced foods, people want to ensure that they are fresh and clean before eating them. The refrigerator can be a good store for excess fruits and vegetables in the house.

3. Avoid Too Much Sodium in Your Food

Sodium is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. This is a risk factor for heart infections. Therefore, to stick to a healthy diet, try to consume low sodium. As an adult, be aware and never go beyond 2,300 milligrams of sodium in a single day. However, it has been found that most adults are unable to do more than 1,500 milligrams of salt per day. Most canned and processed foods have high levels of salt and should, therefore, be avoided.

Final Thoughts

If people succeed in incorporating the three tips into their life, the chances are that their heart will remain healthy. The transition might be hard, but just take it slow, and before we know it, our lifestyle has changed for the better. Always have your heart in mind when eating and preparing food in the kitchen. The tips shared also act as the reasons the likes of Judge Napolitano should watch their heart health.


Benefits Of Eating Low Carb Pasta

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While you shouldn’t get rid of carbohydrates completely, there is no reason to pack your diet full of them. If you are adhering to a low carbohydrate diet, you will want to find different substitutes for your favorite meals like pasta dishes. Luckily, there are low carbohydrate substitutes that you will be able to eat to enjoy your favorite meals. In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits of eating low carb pasta. 

Benefits Of Eating Low Carb Pasta: 

1. Packed Full of Nutrients

One of the main benefits that you will be able to get from eating low carbohydrate pasta is a meal that is packed full of healthy nutrients. A lot of the low carb pasta found in the marketplace is made up of some of the healthiest foods you can get in your diet. Because of this, you will experience the benefits of adding more nutrients to your diet. These ingredients include things that you may not have been getting into your diet in the first place. For instance, there is a red lentil substitute that can give you a variety of healthy nutrients that you wouldn’t get from normal pasta. The same goes for some of the other low carb pasta options available that you can use for your pasta dishes.

2. It Feels Like You’re Eating Pasta

One of the things that you will want to try to do when you are sticking to a restrictive diet like a keto diet or another low carb diet is to try to find ways to normalize the process. A lot of people end up failing to stick to their restrictive diets because they are overly restrictive and they don’t look for ways to keep things feeling normal. This is why it is so important to find substitutes for your favorite foods. You shouldn’t have to completely give up your favorite pasta dishes because you cannot consume carbohydrate packed pasta. Instead, you can find a lot of different low carb pasta that you can use as a substitute. This will make things feel much more normal which can enhance the practicality of the diet which makes you much more likely to stick with it. Having a diet that you can maintain is much more important than perfecting the diet itself. Without consistency, every diet will lead to failure.

3. Different Options

Nowadays, you will be able to find all kinds of different kinds of pasta that you can choose from. There are so many that you can find different low carb pasta options that you can fill your diet with which means you should be able to find something that suits your specific pallet. If you are avoiding a specific ingredient, you shouldn’t have to worry because there are so many available to choose from. Luckily, more and more people than ever before are following a low carbohydrate diet because of all of the perceived health benefits it offers. As a result, you will be able to choose from a lot of different brands and types of pasta that should help you find good options for yourself. 

4. Taste Great

A lot of different brands have thrown their hat into the ring when it comes to making low carb pasta. After all, when things get increasingly popular, they also get increasingly profitable. Therefore, you are experiencing the golden age of low carb pasta right now. As a consumer, there has never been a better time to get into the low carbohydrate diet. You will be able to find a lot of great-tasting options as they have been tested and perfected. This means you won’t have to fill your meal plan with poor tasting pasta. 

5. Protein

A lot of the pasta alternatives that are low carbohydrate are packed full of protein. This is something that you want to get more of into your diet. After all, getting more protein in your diet will keep you feeling fuller for longer periods. Luckily, a lot of the options available include chickpeas and other ingredients that have a lot of protein in them. Therefore, you won’t find yourself having to get more and more protein in your diet because you will be eating low carb pasta that is full of it. 

6. Greens

You will even be able to find a lot of pasta that contains a lot of greens. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get enough greens in their daily diet. Whether you don’t enjoy the taste of greens or you simply don’t eat enough greens, you will be able to find low carb pasta that can change all of that for you. Getting greens through a pasta dish can be a great way to hide the flavor and to make your diet healthier as a whole. 

There are so many reasons you may be looking to follow a low carb lifestyle. A lot more people are recognizing the many benefits it can offer. The fact is, the majority of people are eating way too many carbohydrates daily. This can lead to a lot of weight gain. If you are having difficulties getting rid of excess weight or you are having a hard time with stubborn belly fat, you may want to switch to a low carb diet. Luckily, with low carb pasta, you don’t have to get rid of some of your favorite dishes just to experience the benefits it can offer.


Benefits Of Eating Low Carb Chips

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If you are like a lot of others, you may be looking for ways to improve your health and fitness. One of the best ways to do so is by optimizing your diet. By improving your diet and making even subtle changes, you can make a big difference in your life. In this article, we will be going over why adding low carb chips to your diet may be a big difference-maker.

Benefits Of Eating Low Carb Chips: 

1. Nutrients

One of the main reasons chips can be such a poor addition to your diet has to do with the lack of nutrients they offer. The fact is, the majority of the chips being sold in the marketplace are what are known as ’empty calories.’ Because of this, they are not adding any nutrient value to your diet. As a result, you are much more likely to consume more chips and more unhealthy foods to make up for the lack of nutrients you are taking in. When you opt for low carb chips instead, you will be taking in chips that have a nutrient value. This alone can keep you from snacking too much on unhealthy foods. You will be eating foods like kale chips or even zucchini crisps that have a lot of healthy nutrients that should keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

2. Less Unhealthy Fats

Another reason you want to opt for healthy low carb chips has to do with the fact that you won’t be filling your diet with unhealthy fats. Unfortunately, a lot of the chips you will find contain either trans fat or a lot of unhealthy omega-6 or omega-9 fats. Therefore, you will be taking in a lot of unhealthy fats that can cause issues with your diet. By substituting with low carb chips instead, you will get in a lot more healthy fats into your diet. That way, you will be able to maximize your intake of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and decrease the influx of unhealthy fats. This can help you balance out your diet to incorporate a lot more healthy fats which can help your body fight inflammation. Having too much omega-6 or omega-9 can lead your body to suffer more inflammatory responses.

3. They Taste Good

Many try to stay away from low carb substitutes because they don’t taste nearly as good as the unhealthy option. The fact is, you can find a lot of healthy alternatives that aren’t going to pack your diet full of unhealthy carbohydrates. You will be able to choose from a variety of low carb chips that includes but isn’t limited to cheese chips, zucchini crisps, kale chips, and more. You won’t have a shortage of options that you could choose from. You should be able to find chips that you think taste good and that should satisfy your salt cravings. Don’t be discouraged from trying low carbohydrate alternatives because you think they won’t taste good. Once you try them, you will be surprised at how much flavor they truly have. 

4. Sustaining Your Low Carbohydrate Diet

One of the main reasons a lot of people end up failing to stick to something like a low carbohydrate diet is because they aren’t able to stick with the diet program itself. By forcing yourself to eat nothing but healthy foods, you will be pushing yourself to unsustainable levels when it comes to maintaining the consistency required. Instead, you want to find things that you can substitute with. This is why it is so important to find substitutes for your favorite foods and snacks. If you are someone who routinely snacks on chips, you need to find something that is going to act as a substitute for it. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself unable to maintain the consistency required to achieve the kind of results you are looking to get.

5. They Are Easy To Make

Believe it or not, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money or constantly buy your alternatives ready-made at the supermarket. Instead, you could look to make your own and save yourself a lot of money in the process. Low carb chips aren’t difficult to make at all. Because of this, they should be a good option that you could consider. You can make your kale chips in as little as 30 minutes. Best of all, you can choose how to season and flavor them. Meaning, you will be able to turn them into something that tastes just how you want it to taste. 

As you can see, there are all kinds of reasons you should be looking to add low carb chips to your diet. These chips can be a great way to get more healthy nutrients into your diet without even knowing it. A lot of the alternatives that you can choose from contain a lot of healthy nutrients that make them worthwhile additions to your diet. There are a variety of things that you can use as substitutes for traditional high-carb chips. Find something that you enjoy and you can stick with it to give yourself a healthy snack whenever you want it. This will help you stick to your diet and allow you to achieve the kind of consistency needed to get the results you are looking to get from living a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Having low carb chips ready to eat can help you sustain such a restrictive diet.