Author: Stan Lee


Basic Needs Insecurity Affecting Students’ Success

College students struggling to have their basic needs met have a hard time focusing on their education and achieving success. A national student financial wellness survey found that more than 50% of respondents were experiencing food insecurity and more than 40% showed signs of housing insecurity while more than 10% were experiencing homelessness. Students of […]


How to do Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting will provide any company an advantage over its competition. It also demonstrates to clients how important they are in the broader plan of the organization. This will strengthen their commitment to the firm and turn them into free brand advocates, spreading the word about how fantastic the company is. While a generic present […]


From Watches to Sneakers: Creative Sparks

The creation of an iconic sneaker can trace its inspiration all the way back to the release of the first electric watch the world has ever seen. In the 1950s, many watch companies experimented with the first generation of electronic watches, but Bulova was the one who was able to release the world’s first ever […]


Staying Focused Using Natural Ingredients

Did you know that the average American drinks 85 liters of caffeinated beverages each year? Many consumers turn to caffeine to get an energy boost as well as increase their focus, but caffeine can actually lead to adverse effects. Regular consumers of caffeine cite that it increases their alertness, elevates their mood, and helps with […]