Author: Sam Davis


How Electric Cars May Actually Be Good For Our Health

We all know that the “driving” force behind electric cars is their oft-touted benefits for the environment. Most all of us, from the lemon law attorney for used cars in California to the lone-wolf, freelance designer in New York, realize that EVs are great because they don’t have as many emissions, which is great for […]


How Sexual Harassment Can Affect Mental Health

Just like any traumatic event, workplace sexual harassment can lead victims to experience years of emotional, metal, and physical damage. People that have gone through sexual harassment can feel the lasting effects not only on the job, but also in other areas of their lives. Not only are the actual circumstances horrific to undergo, but […]


How much drinks per week is too much?

How many drinks do you have in a week? While alcohol affects everyone differently, research has shown that there’s a specific number of drinks the average person can consume in a week before it becomes excessive.  It’s not an easy science, though. Most studies show that 7 is the limit for the average woman while […]

girl enjoying herself in a music festival
Events & Festivals

Top 5 common injuries at music festivals

Concerts are an amazing experience, but there’s nothing quite like a musical festival. These events can go on for days, featuring spectacular light shows and a plethora of bands entertaining the masses. While they are absolutely a fun time, there are mishaps.  With the enormous number of people that attend a festival, not to mention […]


Highway driving safety tips

You might be one of the safest driver’s on the road, but that isn’t always enough to avoid an accident. There are roughly six million car crashes each in year in the United States, with highways being a hotbed for wrecks. Check out these highway driving safety tips that could save your life.  Leave Your […]