Author: Easton Carter


Adult Children Helping Aging Parents

Elderly parents frequently reject help from their adult children, yet want to be seen and acknowledged for who they are. Attacking senior parents with too much information at once may increase their fear of losing control. Instead, be patient and persistent while keeping track of facts in a central location can help you keep on […]


Different Types of Lights For Better Health

If you are looking for light therapy, you should know that there are different types of lights that you can use to enhance your health. These include full spectrum, infrared, and halogen. Some of these types of lights can be helpful in treating ailments such as acne, insomnia, arthritis, and more. You should also take […]


Wood Health Hazards You Have To Know

There are many different types of health hazards that you can encounter when working with wood. This includes skin rashes, headaches, respiratory issues, and even lung cancer. Sources of wood dust Wood dust is a toxic substance which can be harmful to workers in the woodworking industry. It may cause cancer and other health problems. […]