How to Live a Healthy Life Like Those in Healthy Countries

Most of the world’s population does not live in places like Switzerland, Spain, Italy, or Iceland where people’s health is the best in the world due to their healthy lifestyle. But anyone can still beat the statistics by living their life to be like those that live in the healthiest countries. To do so, one must take personal responsibility by incorporating healthy actions throughout the day. We’ve just hit a major population milestone of 8 billion people: let’s seek to make people’s lives healthy.

The first thing people can do is find a daily workout routine that suits them. Many people in Europe live close to each other which is why they usually walk and bike more. Since most people in other countries like America have to drive everywhere, they are not burning calories or stimulating the body on their daily commute. Incorporating a workout plan throughout the day will give people that daily stimulation and physical movement that’s needed to be healthy

While exercising daily helps reduce mental illness, the second thing people should do is consult with a licensed counselor if they have any severe forms of mental illness that are not going away. Other countries like Sierra which do not have less of a healthy lifestyle and experience more poverty can negatively impact mental illnesses while countries like Switzerland which have less poverty often have less mental illness as a result. 

Lastly, the most important thing to a healthier life is consuming nutritious meals each day such as grass-fed red meat, wild-caught fish, and organic vegetables. Cutting out all processed foods, seed oils, and non-organic produce will have massive effects on not just overall health but an increased lifespan. A recent study shows how life expectancy increased from 29 to 79 years in 1800 globally due to healthy nutrition. But in Spain (the #1 healthiest county in the world), the average life expectancy is 83 years today.

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