How Americans Received Healthcare in 2022

Healthcare is something everyone needs at some point in their lives. Today, not every healthcare delivery happens in a hospital room or doctor’s office. Instead, the healthcare industry has evolved to meet patients where they are with the care they need. Non-traditional healthcare delivery methods today include home health, urgent care centers, telemedicine, and concierge care.

Historically, it was common for healthcare professionals to come to patient’s homes to offer care. Recently, home health agencies have been facing new demand thanks to the aging population in the United States. However, home health agencies are not able to hire or keep enough aides to serve all the patients in need of their services. 45% of agencies are prioritizing initiatives to address their staffing shortages. Turnover rate has been 64% all year.

While elderly patients looked to be served at their homes, professionals and younger generations are receiving service through the internet. The telemedicine market boomed in response to COVID-19, and it has remained large since. 91% of health outcomes are as good or better when offered via telehealth. 

By comparison, urgent care and concierge care offer minor variations in delivery. Urgent care replaces emergency rooms while concierge care overtakes primary care.

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