The Best Apps For Reading Books Online

Being a bibliophile puts one in the challenging situation of having to find a way to take your book with you where you go. It could be on the train, the seaside, the flight, etc. because leaving them behind when you travel is a big no! No worries though because online reading is the new cool, and these days you have Kindle readers or other iPads to read your favorites on.

With books, carrying them all across your travels is hard. You may even lose your originals. So for travel, it is better to rely on online books. It is the avid book reader’s fear of running out of reading material in the middle of a trip. Fortunately, many related applications exist these days to satisfy us.

You will never be without something to read again if you keep your online iPads or kindle books, for some even their phones work. You just have to choose one of these top-notch free reading applications, use an Android, iOS, smartphone, or tablet, and get on with your reading spree.

One other thing you would need is a smooth internet connection. For home internet connection, we recommend a reliable source and quality service for you with Windstream; you can contact Windstream customer service and get the best deals for your home. However, outside your home and during travels, it would be best to have a 4G or 5G connection depending on your phone’s stability and specs. Read further, about which apps are the best when it comes to reading up online.


Wattpad is an entire community, not just an app. It is one of the best iPhone applications for readers and writers of stories. You can display your writing skills on this site and connect with those who enjoy reading and telling stories. For book fans, it is among the top iPhone applications.

This network is a fantastic resource for finding new favorites because it enables authors to introduce keen fans to intriguing new works. It is designed for social reading and lets you take notes while reading to share your ideas. There are three platforms available: iOS, Android, and the web.

1. Libby:

Over a million iPhone customers prefer Libby by Overdrive whenever it comes to great book apps. By just attaching your card, this app allows you to read everything in your local library’s collection, like eBooks, audiobooks, and even magazines. Even if the same company created Overdrive, this software is more user-friendly and, let’s face it, more attractive. It draws from the countless eBook volumes available at your nearby library.

2. Goodreads:

In many lists of the top free reading apps for bibliophiles, Goodreads comes out on top. Why so? It has a collection of info for a variety of uses, including suggestions for you, suggestions from friends, numerous categories, a collection of quotations, and a section for comments.

With 90 million active users overall and more than a billion books, it also brings together authors and readers. Because of its simple interface and capacity to build virtual “shelves” of preferred books, Apple users praise it as a game-changing software application. You can view recommendations from friends as well. Most importantly, the lists of the top novels in many categories are quite satisfying. This is the best option for anyone interested in literature.

3. Amazon Kindle:

It is extremely difficult to top the Amazon Kindle reading app for Android. This site, which has millions of highly satisfied customers, allows you to download and manage titles as well as read the first section of the majority of books for free. You may easily perform a word or phrase search across your whole library, including within individual books.

The software provides a ton of options for easy reading, like the ability to highlight text, look up word definitions and translations in the dictionary, and alter the size and type of the page. The greatest Android app for bibliophiles, as per Life hack and Android Authority ratings, is Amazon Kindle eBooks.

4. Kobo Books:

A longtime favorite, Kobo Books opens the door to millions of ebooks, both free and paid. With a customized display, you may read in ten different languages. The suggestions are excellent, and the audiobook layout is easy to use. The service aims to introduce you to a community which you can share your reading passion with. Through Reading Life, you can discuss books with friends, share quotes, and issue notes too.

5. Epic:

You’ve found the greatest reading app if you’re trying for it to search and get books for children. The finest e-reader app for children is this one. Additionally, it is free to use and offers an almost endless choice of books, activities, stories, and other educational enjoyment. Your child will learn to read more quickly thanks to a unique design that makes each word larger as it is spoken.

With its age-based library selection, books for language development, and audio and video content, Epic! Has all the makings of one of the top applications for book lovers in this category. It’s a fantastic option for parents who wish to promote reading in their kids.

6. Nook:

The creation of American bookseller Barnes & Nobles, the Nook reader app, offers a digital reading experience that can rival Kindle. Nook has a strong following and high ratings in both the Android and Apple stores.

You can read every novel before you purchase it thanks to a convenient trial feature, and it’s simple to transfer your books throughout all of your devices. It now offers a serial reading experience as well.

7. Scribd:

The Scribd e-book reading software is compatible with a virtually infinite variety of books, audio, magazine, and even paper music files. Although there are no ads, some customers could be put off by the cost of the membership. However, the fee offers access to a large number of books and magazines.

The best option for bookworms who read on numerous platforms and gadgets. The huge book application Scribd will allow you to read far more than just books. The big library unites Audible and Kindle Unlimited best qualities. It’s one of the top bookworm apps, suitable for both iOS and Android.

8. ComiXology:

ComiXology is one of the oldest and most popular services for consuming comic books digitally, and with good reason. The ComiXology online store, now owned by Amazon, features thousands of new and classic comic books from major publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, and Image Comics, in addition to a plethora of smaller brands.

The option to zoom in and focus on the engaging elements of the comics in the app has been included by the creators to improve readability. The best option for those who enjoy manga and Marvel and DC comics.

End Note

These are the best apps for reading books online and they are worth using to spend your time productively. Online reading may not be your top choice but it is better and more convenient than having to carry the weight of books on-the-go or on your travels. Tell us about the app you liked best in the comments below.

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