What To Think About When Renovating A Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be one of the most stressful business ventures that a person can take on. The long hours are combined with the instability of the service industry. The pandemic highlighted just how sensitive the restaurant industry could be. Dining in a restaurant seems to have recovered but the rise of food delivery apps has brought convenience to a number of consumers. Renovating a restaurant should keep current customers happy as well as attract new customers. The following are things that you need to think about when renovating a restaurant. 

Not Alienating Current Consistent Customers 

There is going to be a current customer base that is a restaurant’s most valuable asset. These could be friends or even former employees that come in regularly. A renovation shutting a restaurant down or cleaning house in terms of the staff can be a recipe for disaster. There are going to be favorite servers and bartenders that could potentially bring in an additional few thousand dollars per month in revenue due to their popularity. Changing too much about the restaurant including the menu with the renovation needs to be done with caution. Ramping up prices during this time should not be an option as the customer experience could be far lower quality for this period. 

Keeping Certain Areas Operational 

Keeping certain areas to generate revenue during the renovation can be so important. Outdoor dining staying open during renovations indoors is a perfect example. Keeping an area with a bar open is also important as the margins on soda and alcoholic beverages are the lifeblood of most establishments. The restrooms should also stay open as heading to a portable toilet is enough to keep certain patrons from returning. The customer experience needs to be a priority even during the renovations. Small renovations during each season could be important and easier to budget for. Revamping an outdoor bar area during cold winter months can allow for revenue to stay consistent during the winter while potentially creating much more revenue for the summer months. 

Figuring Out How To Keep The Clutter At Bay

A dumpster service is always going to be important for a restaurant. There is a massive amount of waste associated with running a restaurant. Renovations also will lead to areas and materials that need to be cleared out. The truth is that shutting down might be the best option or closing for a few weeks during the slowest season. You want the renovations to be done quickly and not to lead to losing customers due to the extended period of time the establishment has been in disrepair. 

The renovation of a restaurant is an investment that may or may not work out. The restaurant industry has so many fluctuations over the years. Adjusting to the market will allow a restaurant to stay current and avoid being left behind in time. Take time to poll the current customers to see what type of improvements they would like to see. Online reviews can be another source of information to use as people tend to be brutally honest online.

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