What Is the “Meatrix” and How Can You Escape It?

Stuart Waldner is educating people about the dangers of the “Meatrix” in is book: ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’  

What is the Meatrix? How does it affect our health, the climate, and the animals? In Stuart Waldner’s environmental, health, non-fiction book ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’ he unravels the extreme ways how The Meatrix affects us. Supported by facts and science, Waldner boldly tells what every one of us needs to know. 

The Meatrix has misled us into thinking that animal-based foods are the only source of nutrients we will ever need; in reality, eating them promotes addiction and overconsumption rather than nourishing us. 

Group 1 Carcinogens 

Studies have shown that processed food is terrible for the health—the WHO classified processed meat as Group 1 carcinogen to humans. Processed meat includes bacon, hotdogs, ham, sausages, corned beef, and more meat-based food. This means that there is evidence linking these as agents that may cause cancer. 

Highest Contributors of Greenhouse Gases 

The Meatrix not only increases the amount of greenhouse gas but also contributes to global acidification, land and water use, the loss of habitat and biodiversity, and the extinction of wildlife—all of which are bad for the planet. By switching to plant-based, we can reduce the probability of these things to happens. 

Animal Cruelty 

While you’re at home, enjoying your piece of meat, have you ever wondered what happens to the factories which process our food? Some slaughterhouse footage which has surfaced online contains what some have described as “Gruesome and disturbing ways of processing animal-based food.” Usually, the methods are believed to be ‘morally acceptable’ and ‘humane,’ by many, but most people realize it’s downright horrifying when you look at it. 

There are many more extreme things that the Meatrix has done; if you’re interested to know more, grab a copy of Stuart Waldner’s book. Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!  is available on Amazon. For more information about Stuart Waldner, you can visit his website.  

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