3 Times You Need to Consult With an Immigration Lawyer

Applying for a United States visa can make your dream of a better life come true. However, you are among over one million immigrants who move to the US annually. For this reason, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) may reject your application. Consulting with an immigration lawyer is the best chance to get your visa approved.

An immigration lawyer understands the US immigration laws and knows who to talk to in the USCIS office. Although you can handle some immigration matters, some circumstances necessitate working with U.S. citizenship and immigration services. The article focuses on situations when you need to consult an immigration lawyer.

1. If You Are Notified of Deportation Processes

The department of homeland security may remove or deport an immigrant who violates their visa terms or commits a crime. Arguing your case before an immigration judge can be hectic when you have little or no knowledge of immigration laws. Remember, an immigration court will issue deportation orders if you cannot defend yourself during the proceedings. If you obtain a Notice to Appear (NTA), it is best to consult with an immigration attorney. A lawyer will help you to argue a case before an immigration judge, file an appeal before the board of immigration appeals (BIA), and apply for a change of visa status.

An attorney will be with you at each step of the deportation proceedings to get you the best legal outcome.

2. If You Are Encountering Delays

Your United States visa can sometimes go for an extended period before the USCIS approves it. For example, processing a permanent resident visa takes around 6-33 months. The bureaucracy at the USCIS office could delay your visa application for years. An attorney cannot commend the USCIS officers for hastening your process.

Nonetheless, an immigration lawyer knows individuals who may approve your visa application process. Thus, the attorney will help you get the visa within a shorter duration. Also, the USCIS officers may refuse to answer your questions about why the process is dragging. Lawyers have their way of getting answers on your behalf so that you can know the best course of action.

3. If You Are Overwhelmed by The Paperwork

Applying for a US visa could be the most complicated task. You will have many forms to fill out and documents to provide. The USCIS will cancel your immigration application if you make a slight mistake in the paperwork.

Immigration attorneys guide many applicants to fill in the necessary paperwork for permanent residence or citizenship. A lawyer helps you to fill out the application forms so that the USCIS does not reject them. Also, an immigration attorney will guide you in gathering the documents needed to apply for the visa.

Working with an immigration attorney allows you to improve your chances of qualifying for a US visa. The lawyer will help you deal with issues ranging from deportation to filing the necessary paperwork. Ensure you look for an experienced lawyer in immigration law to get the best outcome in your immigration matters.

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