7 Common Misconceptions about a Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious and dangerous condition that can lead to many negative consequences if left untreated. When it comes to prescription drug addiction, one of the most common misconceptions is that only people who take illegal drugs become addicted. The truth is that any individual can develop an addiction regardless of whether they use legal or illegal substances. More than three million Americans abuse their prescription painkillers each year. 

1. Prescription Drug Abuse is Not Drug Abuse

This is one of the most common misconceptions about prescription drug addiction. Many people believe that because doctors prescribe these drugs, they cannot be addictive. The truth is that any drug can be addictive if it is abused. Prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused drugs and can be just as addictive as illegal substances.

2. Prescription Drug Improves Your Concentration

Many people believe prescription drugs are stimulants, so they can help improve concentration. Prescription drug abuse can have the opposite effect and impair cognitive function. In addition, abusing these drugs can lead to addiction and other negative consequences.

3. It is Okay to Abuse a Drug That the Doctor Prescribes

It is never okay to abuse drugs of any kind. Prescription drug addiction can have many dangerous consequences, including loss of concentration and motor control, reduced cognitive function skills, and memory problems. Overdose symptoms include breathing difficulties or coma, tolerance development that requires increased dosages for the same effect on the body, and withdrawal symptoms, including nausea and vomiting when the drug is stopped.

4. Prescription Drugs are Safer Than Illegal Drugs

You may believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs, but this is not always the case. Prescription drug abuse can be just as dangerous as using illegal substances if not taken appropriately. Prescription drug addiction leads to more overdoses and deaths than illegal drugs.

5. It’s Okay to Share Prescription Drugs with Others

Sharing prescription drugs with others is never a good decision. If you have been prescribed opioids, it’s important to remember that these drugs are powerful and potentially dangerous. When abused, they can lead to addiction and other consequences. It is also important to remember that not everyone will have the same reactions to these drugs.

6. Prescription Drug Does Not Have Side Effects

It is not true that prescription drugs do not have any side effects. All drugs have the potential to cause side effects. Prescription drug addiction can lead to many dangerous and uncomfortable side effects. They include sleep problems, changes in appetite and weight, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, irritability, and feeling high.

7. It is Okay to Mix Prescription Medicines

Mixing prescription meds can be very dangerous. It is important always to take medications as directed by your doctor and never mix them with other substances, including alcohol. When prescription drugs are mixed, it can lead to serious health consequences, including overdose.

To summarize, there are many common misconceptions about prescription drug addiction. One of the most commonly held beliefs is that these drugs cannot be addictive. This is not true. Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous and addictive as illegal substances if abused.

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