How Long Should a Commercial Bar Be

With a high demand for alcohol and other beverages being served in restaurants, starting a commercial bar may be a good idea. Running a bar is actually a very rewarding business, even though it is also considered one of the toughest ones with high risks. 

If setting up a bar does not seem to be intimidating for you, and it is something that you really want to do, there are some things you need to take into consideration. And one of them is a commercial bar design. Designing a bar may not be easy, especially if you have never done it before, so you may need some professional help. A commercial bar design includes such important aspects as the right measurements of the bar (its height, length, and width) and bar stools. 

The length of a bar depends on the size of your café, coffee shop, or restaurant. Longer bars definitely have more space for people to sit at, but they are also more expensive to design and build. In general, your bar can be any length depending on your personal preferences and budget. 

How Tall Should a Commercial Bar Be?

A commercial bar has a standard height that is 42 inches from the floor to the bar’s surface. You can also make it either taller or shorter. In order to decide what height is perfect, you need to take into consideration certain factors. One of them is the average height of men and women. In the United States, the average height is 5 feet and 4 inches. 

Another factor to consider is the design and height of bar stools. These parameters need to match your commercial bar’s height. On average, the distance between the bar counter and the seat of a bar stool is about 10 inches. However, this number can be changed depending on your individual bar design. You just need to make sure that there is enough space for people to sit comfortably. 

How Wide Does the Bar Top Need to Be?

The width of your bar is determined by the type and design of the bar. Home bars are more narrow than commercial bars. On average, a home bar is between 12 and 16 inches wide. The width of a commercial bar is different – between 20 and 28 inches. Bar tops of commercial bars are wider because of a drink rail that is located on the server’s side.

What are the requirements for the Bar Rail? 

Many people use bar rails and do not even realize it. Installing a bar rail is a great idea for any commercial bar, especially if your bar is custom designed and made because bar rails allow bars to look more finished and stylish. 

So what is exactly a bar rail? It is known as the long rail that hangs below the top of the bar. It mainly has a decorative purpose and makes the bar look more complete and finished. In addition, it also increases customers’ comfort and prevents glasses from sliding off the bar counter. 

There are different types of hardwood that can be used for making bar rails. For example, if you are thinking of building an outdoor commercial bar, adding a bar rail made of weather-resistant hardwood is a good idea. The best choices would be mahogany or teak. Bar rails are also often made of hard maple, oak, black walnut, cherry, poplar, and other hardwood species. 

How Tall Should Seats Be?

Choosing the perfect height bar stools can be more complicated and challenging than you think. In many cases, ordering your stools online may result in seats that are too tall, short, or uncomfortable to sit in. 

In order to choose a bar stool of the perfect height, you should take the height of the bar into consideration. As mentioned above, the average height of a commercial bar is 40-42 inches. By using the rule of thumb, you should take away between 9 and 13 inches from the bar counter’s height. If you do this, you will find out the average bar stool height, which is between 27 and 33 inches. However, it will be different if your bar is custom-made. In this case, make sure to measure your bar’s counters, especially its height, before starting shopping for bar stools. 

How To Measure The Height Of a Bar Stool?

It is quite easy: you need to take measurements from the floor to the top of a bar counter. 

What Is The Right Distance Between Bar Stools?

The perfect distance between bar stools is 12 inches. This distance provides enough room for maneuvering, turning, and speaking to people sitting next to you. 

Design and Build Your Perfect Bar With The Help Of a Commercial Designer 

If you are thinking of designing and building your own bar, you can need the help of professionals who can ensure that your bar is built according to all requirements and regulations. If you are thinking of doing this in Florida, Leesburg, FL, or any other nearby town, contacting Mathias Food Service Equipment – the company that has over 30 years of experience and specializes in commercial bar design – is a great idea. 

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