4 Common Misconceptions About Using a Car Shipping Service

4 Common Misconceptions About Using a Car Shipping Service

It’s pretty common for a customer to get misinformation online or falsified information from an unreputable transport company regarding shipping their car across the country. When these same customers have it explained to them that the task of shipping their car actually can’t be done the way they were told, they will absolutely refuse to believe it because they prefer to believe their original source. It’s even common for other carriers and brokers to believe this false information. Usually, a lot of this information just needs to be updated while other information is completely made up. To clarify some of these shipping myths, we will debunk four of the most common myths.

1- It’s More Expensive To Ship a Car Than Drive It To Your Destination

Depending on the scenario, this can sometimes be true. Just make sure you are taking into consideration all the money that will be required to fuel your car, the wear and tear of the trip on your vehicle, the cost of the hotels during the trip, and, of course, the food that you will have to eat to get through a long cross-country trip. With short distances, it can make total sense to drive your car yourself, but in the case of a long-distance trip, it makes a lot more sense to ship it. That way you can avoid all the trouble of a long trip and leave it to a professional to get your car safely across the country.

2- Brokers Will Take Advantage of You

It’s also a misconception that a car transport company is going to try and take advantage of you. While this can happen, it isn’t always the case. A broker is there to assist you in getting connected with the right carrier while also helping drivers fill up their carriers. Believe it or not, a broker will try to get the fee for transporting your car as low as they can., and can even negotiate for you, so you won’t end up paying more than you should to ship your vehicle.

3- You Should Only Use Enclosed Transport

While enclosed transport has its benefits, a car that is enclosed in a carrier will keep it protected from the weather and debris as the carrier travels. Just remember that open transport is also a very safe method of transporting a vehicle. While it won’t keep your vehicle protected from the weather, it will keep your car protected from car fluid that could possibly leak onto your vehicle and keep debris from cracking one of your windows or scratching the vehicle. If you do choose open transport, make sure you request a top load transport. And remember it’s not necessary to spend extra money on an enclosed transport when open transport offers you just as much protection.

4- The Cheaper the Shipping Cost the Better

As with anything, cheaper isn’t always better. In this case, you should be less inclined to use a carrier company that has a super low price. This is a red flag as to the quality of the service you will be getting. Don’t worry as much about a cheap price as the quality of the service that you are going to receive. Most of the time, a cheaper fee will mean that your car won’t receive as much care and protection as you would want. Unless you can guarantee that the carrier is offering the extra protection that you expect in the event something does happen to your car, you should make the smart choice and go with the carrier that has the reputation and experience to transport your vehicle safely.

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