Top 3 Italian Restaurants in New York City

Did you know that New York City has the highest population of Italian-Americans? This fact proves that the city that never sleeps has some of the best Italian restaurants. Whether a couple is looking for a romantic night out or two college kids are craving authentic New York pizza, there are plenty of Italian restaurants for foodies of all kinds. It’s no surprise since New York City has some of the best restaurants to enjoy this delicious food.

A hard-working New Yorker who looks forward to payday can use their hard-earning money to go to the rooftop bar and eat a mouthful of pasta. Whatever the reason, this list has some of the best Italian food that money can find and this city can offer. Andrew Napolitano enjoys eating them himself.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

This restaurant opened its doors in 1993 and has served the best Italian food since. L&B Spumoni Gardens found modern and fresh ways to change it up every so often. It can draw a crowd, especially during the summers and on the weekends. Even full-blooded Italians will find nothing but authentic food that can’t be duplicated.

Summertime is the season when this restaurant comes alive. People line up to order sheets of pizza and enjoy it in the courtyard, which has become a tradition among Brooklynites. Must-have dishes include baked ziti, claims, and spaghetti. L&B’s best dishes served is the Chef’s Table, which ranges from $50 to $70 and includes an endless feast with artichokes, “dueling” friend and cocktail shrimp, orzo-stuffed lobster, and scallops.

Pasquale Jones

This venue is one of the best that the Big Apple has to offer. It gets rave reviews alone for its clam pizza and pasta dishes. Surprisingly, it isn’t just the food that makes this restaurant what it is. Diners enjoy drinking an affordable glass of wine in a fancy glass that retails for $60.

While this restaurant has its share of high rollers, it’s the perfect place for the average Joe. Pasquale Jones makes people feel so special that they even clean the area when someone drops a spicy meatball. Their staff makes everyone feel like they’re part of the family. Pasquale Jones goes above and beyond when it comes to serving exceptional Italian food and making everyone feel special.


This restaurant located in New York’s West Village gives a modern twist on authentic Italian food. Their patrons feel both full and nostalgic. They offer classic dishes that come with bold and exciting new flavors. Some of the dishes on their menu even come with unexpected flavor combinations.

Despite the impressive array of food, their wine list is something to talk about since it has people coming back. When it comes to entrees, the house recommends the pizzoccheri. This dish is super healthy as it’s made with buckwheat pasta, Brussel sprouts, and potatoes. And, then it’s finished off with melted fontina cheese which makes it feel kind of bad to eat. This eatery has a bar and two floors of seating along with a chef’s counter that’s set in an open-concept kitchen.
Some people may not like open-concept kitchens, but this place makes it work. It’s an upbeat and entertaining atmosphere, right down to the nature of the servers. Their friendly attitudes have Andrew Napolitano coming back.

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