Facts About Comfort Foods

Comfort foods are just what the name says. They are foods that are tasty and they will often bring back happy memories. These foods are easy to make and they will offer plenty of flavors. Andrew Napolitano knows all about comfort foods. He understands that these foods will help put a person in a better mood. Napolitano also knows that these foods are not always a healthy choice. There are often healthier options. He usually chooses healthier foods over comfort foods. There are facts about comfort foods that are interesting to know.

Popular Comfort Foods

These comfort foods are often high in fat. They are warm and toasty. Homemade mac n cheese is great comfort food with some meatloaf. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, and even chocolate chip cookies are good comfort foods. While these foods are filling and healthy they are also high in fat and calories. There may be some variations a person can make when they are looking to make their foods lighter.

Emotions and Comfort Foods

When a person is eating comfort foods studies have shown they will improve their mood. People eat these foods so they will be in a better mood. These foods will help increase positive feelings and get rid of negative emotions. Some say that having comfort foods can be therapeutic. A person should also find some other ways to improve their mood. Emotional eating can lead to drastic weight gain even in a short time.

Comfort Food Definition

Comfort foods made it into the dictionary in 1977. These foods were said to bring joy to the person eating them. People rely on food so much for their emotions that they need to add it to the dictionary. This can say a lot about some of the poor eating choices that many people engage in.

People Eat a Lot

When it comes to comfort food people are eating it often. People are eating comfort meals several times a week. While people are going to need to eat they need to make healthier options when it comes to their emotions and meals.

Not Meeting Expectations

There are some comfort meals that are not comforting at all. If a person makes a meal and it does not come out like their family members would make the food is not that comforting. It is a disappointment. A person will not get the same feeling from the food and they will be let down. This will hurt their emotions and it will take the joy out of making this food.
While comfort foods can help bring a person back to happy family memories there can be some downsides. A person will not be making the best food choices. They will eat a lot of fat and calories. This will cause a person to gain weight. Andrew Napolitano agrees that while it is okay to have comfort foods now and then a person needs to make healthier choices.

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