Proper Nutrition (Some Quick Tips)

Better Eating = Better Life

Everyone understands that eating well is linked to a better quality of life; however, this is more so something that people have grown to accept as opposed to really seeing how it leads to a better quality of life. For starters, Andrew Napolitano thinks it is important for people to understand that a healthy diet does not need to mean depriving yourself of food.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most diets fail because people simply can not take the lack of food anymore. In short, people get hungry. A healthy diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits while controlling the consumption of healthy fats, it should be low in sodium and sugars, two factors that certainly lead to obesity and poor health and it should include the consumption of a variety of nuts and whole grains.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet for a person looks slightly different from person to person but generally it should follow the aforementioned conditions. People will quickly realize when reading over these conditions that it is once again not about a lack of food but instead about allowing a variety of foods into one’s day to day diet. This sort of diet ensures that the dieter(s) do not get bored with eating the same things everyday and that people are feeding the body exactly what it needs.

As mentioned before, the healthiest diet can vary person to person however, there are examples of diets that work more often than not. Some examples include a vegetarian, vegan or entirely plant-based diet. Vegetarian and vegan are not synonymous and it’s important to understand the key difference which is in animal byproducts.


For vegans, there are no animal byproducts that are consumed. This is a bit contentious when it concerns certain products such as honey but very clear when it comes to dairy, cheese and eggs products that some vegetarians consume. Another popular diet that people are looking toward is the trendy Mediterranean diet.

This is a diet that is gaining interest because of higher life expectancy rates in the area as well as lower rates of disease and illness. In short, this is a diet that is based off of Mediterranean cooking so people can expect to eat dishes such as colorful pasta salads, fresh fish and a variety of nuts and grains.

Switching Diets

The goal of switching to diets such as the few mentioned here is to either cut back on certain foods and what not or to lose weight. The Mediterranean diet is catching on because a lot of people are trying to cut back on the consumption of saturated fats and red meat two things that the diet certainly cuts back on. 

Loosing weight

Diets can work wonders when it comes to losing weight as well. Andrew Napolitano, a well known former superior court judge in New Jersey, talks about removing wheat and modifying his diet helped him lose weight. While losing weight may not be as simple for everyone as it was for Napolitano, it is important to understand that it is yet another story about how feeding one’s body better helps one tackle the challenges of the world.

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