3 Easy Ways to Make Someone Feel Special

You are reading this now because you have a big enough heart to share with everyone. You want more for others than you do for yourself. You see the good in everyone, and you know that they deserve every bit of love you have to offer.

Every moment for you is an opportunity to make someone feel special. You’ve had your share of heartaches and pain, and you know how terrible it feels. That’s why you want to be the person that makes others feel special. And now, you’re looking for more ways to love the people around you.

Have a look at these three easy ways to make someone feel special. 

  1. Tell Them

It sounds pretty easy, right? You just have to tell them, and that’s all it takes. But love encompasses multiple languages that different people can understand, and here are various ways to tell them.

  • Give Compliments Generously

A simple compliment can brighten anyone’s day, and it can naturally flow in a conversation. Telling them how you like the way they dress or the way they speak to you can easily warm the heart even of someone having a bad day. This simple act of kindness can go a long way, and they might even pass it on.

  • Break the Ice

A good amount of humor in a conversation can help someone feel special and positive. It lightens up the mood and makes them feel that you are at ease with them and that it’s OK for them to let their hair down too. 

  • Tell Them How Much You Appreciate Them

It doesn’t take much effort to tell someone how much you appreciate them. You can simply tell them how spending time with them makes you feel amazing, how much you value your friendship, or how much they inspire you to be a better person.

  • Open Up with Them

Sharing secrets with them can make them feel special because they’d know that you trust them. More than just secrets, you can share with them your goals and aspirations, your hopes and dreams, or even your strengths and weaknesses.  Just make sure you listen to them well when it’s their time to shine. 

  • Stay in Touch

A simple ‘Good morning’ text can make someone feel special. By doing this, you’re letting them know that you remember them. If it’s your special someone, you can even spice it up a bit by saying, ‘I wish I was there to rise and shine with you,’ or ‘Hey, I dreamt about you last night and woke up with a smile!’

  • Let Them Know You’re Thinking About Them

At times that you’re apart, you can always let them know that you miss them. For instance, you haven’t talked for a while because you were watching a movie or reading a book, you can tell them about a character in the movie or the book that reminds you of them. 

       2. Show Them

The simplest of gestures can go a long way. It is the little things you do that occupy the biggest space in their hearts. Here are some ways to show them how special they are to you:

  • Show Affection

There are different ways you can show someone your affection. A gentle kiss or a tight hug can say a lot about how affectionate you are towards someone. You can also give little gifts like matching bracelets, flowers, or sweets—like a cake in a jar perhaps, as long as it symbolizes how you feel towards that certain someone. If you want to go big, a surprise dinner at a fancy restaurant can get the job done.

  • Hang-Out with Them

Hanging out with someone can make them feel special. This shows that you enjoy being around them, even if it’s just sitting down and doing nothing. If you have shared interests like movies, outdoor activities, or yoga, you can do this with them, and you can turn your shared interests into shared experiences.

  • Show Them Your Support

Showing support for someone is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel special. You just have to be there for them and be reliable.  You can do this simply by showing them that you are always ready to listen and understand.

  • Cook for Them

This is probably the sweetest gesture to make someone feel special. Taking the time and effort to prepare a hearty meal for them can give them that warm and fuzzy feeling. 

        3. Add a Personal Touch

The third easy way to make someone feel special is up to you. You are the one who knows your loved ones well, and you’re the best person who can understand how to love them. 

When it comes to communicating with them effectively, know that listening is more important than talking. This way, you will know what to say and when to say it. But you must always remember that action speaks louder than words, so, no matter how you tell them how special they are, it wouldn’t work if your actions say otherwise. 

The Upshot

Doing these things is a piece of cake, especially if it comes from the bottom of your heart—it will come naturally. This doesn’t necessarily have to be for your special someone. You can do these things too for your family or a friend. After all, you have to be a friend to anyone you hold dear. This is the key to long and harmonious relationships.

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