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My Favorite Dessert Treats

Those who are familiar with Judge Napolitano, as a serious judge for 8 years in the state of New Jersey Supreme Court, a Law Professor, the author of 9 books, and a legal analyst for Fox News. But even legal experts and former judges have their guilty pleasures and he is no different. Here are a few of his favorite desserts.


Like all Italians, the Judge favors Tiramisu as his favorite Italian Inspired dessert.

Tiramisu, also called Veneto, is probably all of Italy’s favorite desserts.

A robust layering of coffee-soaked sponge biscuits and a rich cream made of cheese, eggs, and sugar. The results produce a smooth and soft dessert

Sometimes described as the “final bite,” by Italian chefs, this dessert has become extremely popular in Italian restaurants all over the world. The name Tiramisu means

pick-me-up in Italian.

A relatively new dessert on the Italian scene, typically most amateur Chefs like the judge can whip up some Tiramisu in around 45 minutes

Bonet or Piedmont

A combination of eggs, milk, sugar, cocoa, and liqueur, (usually rum or Cognac) together with amaretto biscuits, this is a dessert that is best prepared at a restaurant as the preparation takes considerable skill, nevertheless, this is among Andrew Napolitano’s favorite desserts.


Cannolis, of Sicilian origin, are another treat although it is possible to make at home, they are most likely purchased at either a restaurant or a bakery.

Cannolis are tube-shaped pastry shells that are deep-fried and filled with a sweet and creamy filling.

Generally, Cannolis at most high-end bakeries are sold by the pound, not by an individual cannoli.

One word of caution about cannolis. If you eat the large ones, perhaps topped in caramel or chocolate chips, be easy on your diet otherwise as a large cannoli can contain as much as 440 calories.


The Judge loves this crumbly cake (the name actually means crumbly,) Lombardi is made by combining corn, white flour, almonds, and butter, together with sugar, eggs, and a hint of lemon.

This dessert goes terrific with sweet wine and should be broken up into small pieces before eating.

Pasticciotto Leccese

Another favorite on the Judge’s palate, and we can hardly blame him here is Pasticciotto leccese.

Originally made in Puglia Italy around 1745, this delicious dessert looks like apple pie on its surface, but it is decidedly different. It does have a soft, round, oval crust made mostly by combining butter, flour and egg yolks, it is the filling that is delicious.

Pasticciotto leccese on the inside is filled with cream cheese and egg filling and frequently spiced up with a dab of tart cherries.

One chef recounts that once you have tasted a warm Pasticcio straight out of the oven, it will be deeply imprinted into your taste buds and you will want it again and again.

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