My Favorite New York Pastry Shops

New York City is known for many great things. One of the sweetest things it is known for its pastries. George Rutler is one of the most spiritual men in the city but even he takes the time out of his schedule to enjoy some tasty pastry. These are some of the best pastry shops in New York City based on his recommendations.

Make My Cake

This pastry shop is on the Upper West Side. It is operated by a third-generation baker and there are many different types of cakes to select from. If a person has a special occasion coming up they can get a cake with some of the most elaborate decorations in the city. This shop is known for its moist German chocolate cakes and sweet red velvet cakes. The cheesecakes come topped with fruit and they are rich and creamy. If a person is not ready to indulge in a full cake they can select from several different flavors of cupcakes.

Two Little Red Hens

This shop has some great smells and a person can smell their baked goods from down the stress. They have everything from pies to scones. There are cupcakes, cheesecakes, and many different cookies. A person should try the sour cherry crumble pie or the pear ginger scones. The Brooklyn blackout cupcakes are filled with chocolate pudding and frosted then topped with additional chocolate for icing. A person should also taste an authentic New York cheesecake at this bakery. This is Father Rutler’s most favorite pastry shop.

The French Workshop

This pastry shop is operated by a father and son team. They are one of the newer pastry shops and opened up in 2016. They offer taste bourdaloue which are poached pears that come with an almond creation. There are chocolate bombs and an opera cake. The pies are crumbly and they are a must have at this pastry shop.

Cannelle Pastry

This is said to be one of the finest shops in the city. There are many classic French pastries. The chocolate croissants are highly recommended as well as the cinnamon roll apple Danish. This place will offer a great sweet treat and is open early for breakfast so a person can start the day off with a sweet beginning.

Leonelli Focacceria e Pasticceria

This shop is known for pizza and flatbread but they also make some tasty pastries. The cannoli is made to order so it cannot get fresher. The mini chocolate bundt cake is soft and moist. The pistachio cornetto and the bomboloni filled with jam make a nice addition to any meal.

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

This shop is known for a chocolate layer cake and cream puffs with a cookie like texture. There are some great donuts such as the brioche doughnuts that are filled with vanilla cream. The chocolate chip cookies are also a must have.

These are some of the best pastry shops in New York City and they come highly recommended. These shops will allow a person to satisfy their sweet tooth and enjoy some of the finest baked goods in the city.

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