Outdoor Dining Table Shade Options for Your Patio

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Looking to add some shade to your patio? There are a number of different options available, depending on what your budget is, the space you want to shade, and what kind of structure you’re considering. Fortunately, there are many shade options out there, ShelterLogic sells all sorts of outdoor shade options so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Here are a few of the most common shade options available.

A Wall-Mounted Gazebo

When most people think of gazebos, they imagine a stand-alone structure. However, there are some gazebos designed to mount on the side of your home and provide shade for the patio. These gazebos are very durable and come in several different sizes. You can also purchase them with a soft top or a hard top. The soft top gazebos are basically frames that you stretch a cloth across the top of, while the hard top ones have roofs. They are better at protecting your patio from the weather and are more durable than the soft top options, but they do require a little more work to install.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are made from special water-proof fabric and are designed to stretch between several different points. These sails are normally triangular in place and look like boat sails, hence the name. You anchor them to the side of your home, a storage shed, poles, and other structures. The sails have connectors at each point that attach to the mounts, giving you the flexibility to use them in a number of places. All you need to do is install the anchors and then stretch the sail between them until it’s taunt. Once this is done, the area under the sail is nicely shaded. If there’s any bad weather, you can simply take the sail down to protect it.

Shade Cloths

Shade cloths are similar to shade sails, but they are typically rectangular instead of triangular. They usually have grommets around the edges, allowing you to attach them to pergolas and other structures. You can also stretch a shade cloth between four poles to create a shaded area. The fabric used for shade cloths is normally the same that shade sails are made out of, so it protects against water and bright sunlight.

Pop-Up Shades

A pop-up shade consists of a fold-up metal frame and a fabric top. These shades can easily be moved around or packed away when you don’t need them. While that is very convenient, one of the downsides is that the frames are often fairly lightweight. If you leave the shade up during a storm, it’s very likely to get damaged, especially if there are high winds. Some of these shades are also very inexpensive, but you usually get what you pay for. The quality of the frame and the fabric top may not be as good as you would like.

Permanent Roof Addition

While it’s typically the most expensive option, you can permanently build a roof over your patio to provide shade all year round. These additions are very durable and will protect you from all types of inclement weather. However, building one often requires contracting a professional, and the cost may be outside of your budget. 

Regardless of which option you determine is right for you, once you’ve set up your patio shade, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about getting sunburnt. 

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