Food Tank

With the diversity of food nowadays it’s hard to take a step back from whatever delicious morsel you’re about to devour and realize just how broken the food system actually is. “More than 1 billion people are obese, nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night and at least 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.” We know — that’s a lot to take in. However, we’re staying hopeful and you should too. Up to the challenge of changing this, agricultural experts Ellen Gustafson and Danielle Nierenberg will be launching their new campaign, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank on Thursday, January 10th.

In this New Year, Food Tank is planning a Change the Food System summit, in which they will conduct research on the food system both nationally as well as internationally, make proposals on how to build more sustainable agricultural systems and begin the preparation of a new and innovative database. The overall goal is to fix the system, by finding the means to “make food production and consumption more economically, environmentally and socially just and sustainable.” For more information or to get into action, visit

Written by Terese Sy.