A preview of Prevu

Lucky for us and all of mankind, the world did not come to an end and New Years is right around the corner! New to the liquor aisle is Prevu, an all organic sparkling liquor. Although fear of an excruciating morning after restrains one from mixing dark and light liquors, Prevu has quietly combined vodka and cognac with success. Specially created and bottled in Cognac, France, Prevu is infused with raspberry, black currant, and violet flowers with a tickle of bubbly. But how to enjoy it? Here’s a  couple cocktail recipes for the new year:

Prevu and Champagne

1.5 oz Prevu
Splash of Champagne
Garnish with a Raspberry

Berry Garden Elixer

2 oz. Prévu
Top w/ Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice Blend
Serve on the rocks