2011 holiday gift guide for the foodie

So far this week we’ve handpicked gift guides for the traveler and the drinker. Our last guide for this holiday season is for the foodies! Anyone who eats or cooks, will find a special place for these gifts we picked out.

Mushroom Garden

Childhood mushroom-farm fantasies are now a reality with the Mushroom Garden. $19.95.


Those plastic crab and lobster zip-openers that you see in seafood restaurants with dancing servers now come in stainless steel from Sea-Sheller. 2 piece set, $34.99.

Nonstick Individual Pie and Cake Maker

Emeril’s got a Nonstick Individual Pie and Cake Maker that can make up to 4 separate pastries at a time, giving you ample ‘BAM’ opportunities throughout the night. $49.90.

The Le Creuset Flame Wide Oval French Oven

The Le Creuset Flame Wide Oval French Oven claims to have the best heat retention and most even conduction, but mentions nothing on burglar defense. $129.95.

Cuisineart Electronic Rotisserie

Rotisserie your own chicken, duck, pigeon, etc. with the Cuisineart Electronic Rotisserie. $199.95.

The Hungoevr Cookbook

The Hungoevr Cookbook, it does exist. $8

D.I.Y. Cheese Kit

The D.I.Y. Cheese Kit allows you to make Fresh Goat or Chevre cheeses as well as access to “who cut the cheese” jokes on demand. $29.00.

Pizza Que Grill Stone

Just add fire for Brick oven quality pizzas with the Pizza Que Grill Stone. $99.95.

The Professional Chef

Culinary Institute of America dropouts can still fake their education with The Professional Chef. $47.25.

Cipriani Panettone

The simply made Cipriani Panettone lasts up to 6 months without any preservatives through a unique packaging technique. Perfect for the first half of 2012. Purchasable at Cipriani restaurant locations ($45) or online ($43.99+ shipping).

Lobsters from Lobster ME

Give the gift of lobster through Lobster ME‘s mail order service, because nobody re-gifts lobster. $32 +

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