Sitting down with restaurateur Will Karges of The Six

Jake King (pictured left) and Will Karges (right), two guys that are no strangers to the restaurant industry. The newly opened, “Prohibition-era inspired” restaurant The Six in Studio City, CA, might be called “Six” but it’s far from a number representing the undertakings of co-owner Will Karge. The Six is Will’s 16th endeavor and the second of its kind, the first Six opened in West L.A. in 2010. It’s also the fifth collaborating project for the two.

Society of Six

The restaurant is inspired by the “Society of Six,” a group of Oakland artists from the 1900’s with bohemian lifestyles. “I think we follow the spirit of the Society of Six,” Will says. The restaurant is decorated with crafted items and photos of Hollywood celebrities from Clint Eastwood to Bruce Lee, a way for the owners to pay homage to some of the most well-known artists of modern times.

The team believed Studio City matched well with their clientele. Will says, “Studio city is a great area. This is a proven location. This was an Italian restaurant for 15 years.”

Will tells us that the first location was “our research, and development”, a place he called his “laboratory.” Even though the restaurant serves items like Neapolitan-style thin crust pizzas, and crafted cocktails, Will says The Six is for everybody: kids, family, grandparents, “come one come all.” Will’s goal was to create a timeless restaurant concept that can evolve. “It’s really a constant creation to keep it interesting, healthy and fresh.”

Food, drinks, and love

The menu is created by Executive Chef Sean Mindrum featuring comforting dishes like Mac ‘n Cheese, turkey Sloppy Joe sliders, and The Six Burger. Will and his team are big believers of the slow food movement, an idea defined by Slow Food USA as “the idea of good means enjoying delicious food created with care from healthy plants and animals. The pleasures of good food can also help to build community and celebrate culture and regional diversity.” They do this by following the seasons and purchasing from small farms around the Southern California area.

The cocktails are named after the same Hollywood stars they pay homage to, crafted by David Nepove, Director of Mixology for Southern Wine and Spirits and National President of the United States Bartenders Guild. Their signature cocktails include Bruce Lee’s Kickin’ Mai Thai, Eastwood Orange, and Cary Grant’s Standard Sangria to name a few. For non cocktail drinkers they offer six varieties of beers on draft, six different beers in bottles and six different red and white wines.

Will calls his latest project a labor of love, “I built this with my hands. I borrowed lumber from my friends. It’s really a culmination of friends, and passion.”