Motif: cafe and high end retail store

Beverly Hills welcomes Motif, a unique shopping destination and lifestyle store conveniently attached to Cafe Motif, where you can have a mid day snack or a healthy and affordable meal and shop through an eclectic selection of goods. As co-owner Sasha Shokrian tells us, “we chose the name Motif because we didn’t want to stick to any certain pattern, the pattern is there is no pattern.” Motif provides a wide variety of art, furniture, and haut couture as well as affordable items in their retail store.


A family business owned by sisters Sasha Shokrian and Elishia Bolour, Motif has been said to “feel like you’re walking into the sisters’ homes,” and it’s what Sasha wants, “that’s very much how we like people to feel.” Offering high end products such as Hermes bags to home decor such as wrought iron chandeliers alongside the cafe, Motif lends itself to a wide variety of clientele. “We feel like it’s a treasure chest, you can find a really good piece of art and have a really good meal,” says Sasha.


Cafe Motif lends itself to the feel of a local community cafe offering a wide variety of seasonal items while staying organic and health conscious. The cafe provides seasonal salads, sandwiches, tartines, all vegan soups and weekly specials. Items found on the menu vary from the obligatory breakfast burrito to a salmon tartine to Sasha’s current favorite, the curry chicken salad.

In addition to the housemade menu items, guest can also find a variety of desserts and pastries both imported from Italy and provided by local vendors such as cheesecakes and cheesecake pops from Pure Cheesecakes. To quench your thirst, Cafe Motif provides Groundworks organic coffees and teas as well as an assortment of fresh squeezed juices. As the cafe menu changes regularly and new products and decor are provided, Sasha says, “we never want things to get old to the eye.”