Apples: 5 things you might not have known

We came across a champagne-y hard cider from Original Sin Cider that used an apple called the Newtown Pippin. Further in-depth research, sourced from the back of the bottle, revealed some significant findings of the apple’s influence on American history. It’s said that it established the U.S. fruit export industry as Queen Victoria liked them so much she had the import duties lifted on them. Here’s 5 things on apples that you might not have known about.

5. Skin on

Learn to eat apple skins since two thirds of the fiber and loads of antioxidants are in them.

4. Rose family?

Apples are actually a member of the rose family. Personally, we don’t see the connection.

3. Poison!

Apple seeds contain small amounts of amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside, a mild poison. Don’t worry, it’s not enough to hurt us but does keep the birds away.

2. Big family

7500 apples varieties grow around the world and the US grows 2500 of them. But the only one native to North America is the Crabapple.

1. Adam’s

The Adam’s apple that’s seen in males because of the notion that the forbidden fruit got lodged in Adam’s throat, even though the bible never mentions the fruit being an apple.

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