Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern supports horse meat consumption

With the recent controversy behind the newly lifted horse slaughtering ban, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern is all for it. Most have not tried horse meat, and never will, but if curious, Andrew gives Taste Terminal a description.

“Horse is meaty, minerally and beefy in the best sense of the word with a taste profile that is shorter in the mouth and nose because of the lean quality of the meat. Horse tastes like young beef, without the fatty taste on the back of the mouth that you get from corn raised beef. Its pleasantly light, and easy on the river-rock quality that all hoofed animals contain. The luxury cuts stand up to high heat cooking very well, and I adore eating horse whenever I can. I prefer it to commercial beef any day of the week. Braising and utilizing the working parts of the animal pose a problem for the cook in that the horse flavor and texture is lighter than beef, so it can easily get lost in complex stews with tons of big flavor components like garlic/chiles/wine etc. Ideally, I take even the working cuts, pound them and grill them as paillarde rather than making a braise.”

Horse meat is consumed around the world from sausage filler in Hungary to 14 course horse meals in South Korea where it was once reserved for kings and nobility.

Photo: “Horse meat sushi and rice roll” from Jeju Mawon in Jeju, South Korea
Photography provided by Lucas Li


  1. Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern supports horse meat consumption. We’ve taken his show off our Directv series schedule.

  2. They get that very lean meat from starving the horse for 4 to 6 weeks , sometimes longer ! Now I will NEVER WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. deluded by the drugs he consumes in the unregulated horses the horse mafia designates as horsemeat by the stroke of a pen

  4. Yeah, but he’ll eat anything, obviously. I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t eat. Probably dookey on a stick, if it was fried enough.

  5. Maybe you should take a trip to the Juarez slaughter house and watch the brutality with which horses are slaughtered. By the way are you aware of all the drugs that pumped into horses that remain in the muscles (meat)? Have another serving of drug laden horsemeat, hope the side effects come on fast.

  6. Hungarian sausage is delicious! I would rather see a horse go to slaughter that starve to death. As for the drugs? They are completely out of their system in 60 days after last use. It’s the same with humans.. do you honestly think a blood test can tell if you’ve taken aspirin or morphine?

    • It’s not the starving horses that are slaughtered. Its the fat healthy horses. Educate yourself please!

  7. Never watch that bastard again!! Hope he chokes on the horse or gets terminally ill from the drugs in the meat!!

  8. I hope you get a good dose of bute and wind up in the hospital for weeks. Then you can tell us how great horse meat is, ignorant pig.

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