Quick Eats For Long Car Rides

Long distance moves mean long distance car rides, with no fridge and probably little room for a coolerLong car rides can be fun, but the time will come when everyone needs a bite to eat. Often, there isn’t enough time in the schedule to pull over and stop at a restaurant, so it is imperative to have plenty of quick eats on hand to satisfy you when you start to feel a bit hungry. Here are some of the best things to pack for your next long distance road trip.

Best Non-Messy Snacks

The last thing you want to pack is food that will spill and make a mess. When you are packing for a long car ride, you’ll definitely want to put a cooler full of fresh fruit in the car. This is easy to munch on, and it will keep you satisfied for quite a few hours. Other options to consider are granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, crackers, toaster pastries, and beef jerky. Although these are non-messy snack options, be sure to have napkins or paper towels handy to keep things as clean as possible.

Snacks That Don’t Need to Be Refrigerated

One of the main concerns about packing snacks for the car is choosing items that don’t need refrigeration. In addition to having some insulated bottles to keep water cold, there are a variety of other things that you can pack for the car ride. Try individual bags of chips or nuts. Pretzels and dark chocolate are also good ideas. Some peanut butter sandwiches will definitely hit the spot when hunger strikes, and they don’t need any refrigeration at all. When you need more ideas for snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, consider peanuts, cookies, muffins, rice cakes, popcorn, or trail mix. These are portable snacks that can be either packed in bulk or divided into individual portions to make eating in the car easier.

Meals That Can Be Packed for Car Rides

When you are facing an hours-long car ride, you may be wondering what type of quick meals you can pack to eat on the road. Although your options may be a bit limited, there are still things that you can choose from. Meal replacement bars or drinks are a great option. Try a homemade parfait that you can store in a jar and in a cooler for a quick meal that you can grab on the go. Yogurt is another option, and you can even pack a small baggie of whole-grain cereal to mix in. Breakfast cookies are a wonderful idea, as are chicken sandwiches, tuna pouches, cheese and crackers, and fruit cocktails.

Eating on a road trip doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right ideas, you’ll have all that you need for a quick snack or easy meal on the road. Plan ahead, and it doesn’t have to be stressful. Make sure you have a trash bag, paper plates and utensils, and disposable cups, and you’ll find that eating during a long car ride can actually be an enjoyable experience.

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