Supporting the Community: The Ethical Side of Eating Locally on Vacation

When you’re on vacation be sure to include a few trips to local restaurants on your itinerary. While it makes sense to stop at places you know well, you won’t have the opportunity to visit businesses beloved by locals once you go back home. Some of the best vacation memories are made at local eateries. It’s hard to beat the experience of dining among locals while eating foods and flavors unique to the region; food you won’t eat again unless you come back.

Why Dining Locally Is the Ethical Choice

Local restaurants are oftentimes the best part of your vacation. Dining away from touristy locations is not only one of the best ways to soak in local flavor, but it is also an ethical choice. Eating at the restaurants locals like to visit is good for economic sustainability as well as the environment. Here’s how you benefit both:

You’re Supporting Small Businesses

Most small businesses are family-owned. This is certainly true of restaurants. Local restaurants, including diners and bakeries, are oftentimes mom-and-pop eateries that have been in the family for generations. Local businesses pay local taxes and directly invest in their communities. In fact, most of every dollar you spend goes to the local community. Therefore, local economies thrive and support job creation. That’s great news for everyone.

You’re Making the Eco-Friendly Choice

Local restaurants tend to buy locally-grown produce. The food is made from fresh ingredients. It’s also likely to be seasonal. When you buy from neighboring farmers, you significantly cut back on carbon emissions. That’s because less transportation is needed when you buy locally. It’s literally farm-to-table. In fact, the farmers growing the food may even be patrons.

You’re Supporting the Preservation of Regional Cuisine

Baby back ribs, clam chowder, crab cakes, chicken fried steak, chili, fish tacos, and grits are regional American dishes. While they are available in restaurants throughout the country, locally-owned restaurants offer locally-made recipes with flavors unique to the region. Even vegetarian knockoffs are made with a regional flare.

You’re Supporting Local Culture

Local restaurants are oftentimes the very reason you go back to visit a specific destination. When you stop and eat at a locally owned restaurant you meet people from the area and learn about local culture. Sometimes you even find out about an upcoming event that you can attend while you’re on vacation. This is an authentic experience you can only have if you dine with the locals.

Experience the Uniqueness of Locally-Owned Restaurants

Don’t miss out on the unique experience of dining at a beloved local restaurant while you’re on vacation. Midtown Cafe & Dessertery in Winston-Salem, NC was founded in 1987 and has been a favorite of locals for decades. They offer all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tasty desserts. Stop by for delicious food, a great atmosphere, and to be treated like family.

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