The Importance of Cloud Monitoring to Your Company

Businesses today have a lot of tools for storage and safety of private information. The reality though is that almost all of these will involve the internet. And in the modern world that means 94% of enterprises use the cloud in their business. This can mean a lot of things in practice. Although most commonly and arguably most effectively it means storage.

This is what the cloud is great at. There is over one billion gigabytes of data currently stored on the cloud. This exists across multiple platforms with some small variations in how it’s stored, but clearly the cloud is everywhere. The problem is a lot of businesses have a hard time viewing their data once it is on the cloud.

What this means is once data is on a cloud, not all businesses have access to it all at once. This is a problem for a few reasons. It can lead to a lack of optimization, poor performance, and most importantly poor security. Although this isn’t a simple issue. Most cloud monitoring tools are basic, and businesses who use multiple clouds will struggle to connect their data. 

In practice this means businesses are investing more in cloud monitoring and visibility. This is where comprehensive cloud monitoring tools come into play. These services will give exact information on data flow, can provide reports, and will give clarity on issues. For businesses today it’s not enough to have a solid network. It is not enough to be on the cloud either. The effective use of the cloud and understanding its actual role and connection to the network is what is essential. This is what cloud visibility offers.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action

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