How to do Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting will provide any company an advantage over its competition. It also demonstrates to clients how important they are in the broader plan of the organization. This will strengthen their commitment to the firm and turn them into free brand advocates, spreading the word about how fantastic the company is. While a generic present (such as a gift card) may create a nice impression, to make something more effective, try utilizing brand archetypes as a guide to determine what to offer. 

Carl Jung, a psychologist, invented the notion in the 1940s. He added that based on all of the brands he has seen throughout his life, he concluded that each brand may represent one of 12 personalities or archetypes. Companies may use Jung’s studies to help them uncover their personality, which will lead them in their gift-giving. To put it into practice, let’s use one of the 12 brand archetypes to learn what the best gift to give is based on that archetype.

Brands with the personality of the Sage have an audience that values understanding when making their decisions. They have a hunger to learn and know more about themselves and the world around them. Gifts to consider that can aid them in their research are things like writing supplies. The perfect gift to give to a Sage would be a Moleskine Smart Writing Set. This will inspire clients to record their valuable thoughts and feelings so they can keep them in the future.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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