How To Navigate The Holidays With Children After A Divorce

The holidays can be tough on anyone that has just gone through a divorce. Children that have been subject to the divorce of their parents might have a tougher time. This could be due to thinking about the holiday memories when the entire family was together. Change is tough and holiday traditions could be broken for the first time in their lives. The time off from school can be used to have fun so your children can mentally rejuvenate after a trying year. Parents need to work together even when divorced for the good of their children. Below are tips to navigate the holidays with children after a divorce

A Holiday Custody Schedule Should Be Created

A Christmas custody schedule is going to need to be formed. This should be done in court as the holidays are important to everyone. Certain parents alternate holidays while others spend them together as they have a healthy relationship after the divorce. This is common when people grow apart rather than a divorce caused by infidelity or addiction of some kind. 

Don’t Use This Time To Introduce Them To A New Partner 

Introducing a new partner to your kids during the holidays is not just unwise but is a recipe for disaster. Hold off until after the holidays and you are sure about the relationship. The holidays are a time when emotions run high and you want everyone to give a new partner a chance. Gradually introducing a new partner at smaller events rather than holidays is recommended. 

Coparenting Is So Important During This Time

The holidays should not be soured due to being a split family. You do not have to be anything but cordial with your ex but being mature is imperative. Avoiding alcohol during the holidays after a divorce can be so important as alcohol rarely causes people to make wise decisions. Work as a team for your children as there is only a handful of years to work with one another before your children are adults. 

Don’t Overbook Your Children With Too Much

Stress during the holiday season should be reserved for adults. Children have time off from school where they could do something fun like a vacation camp. Hanging out with friends might be exactly what a teen needs after their parents have divorced. This is not the time to push extra shifts on a teen if they already have a job. Your teen might want to work extra hours to distract themselves from the holiday season as a whole. If this is the first holiday season after the divorce, this needs to be a time of healing. 

Divorce is a part of life for so many families but this becomes much more complicated with children. Divorce without children is usually seamless as you could never see your ex again. Moving after a divorce is also not an option in some cases as you might need to stay in the state unless the move is approved by the other parent of the children.

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