The Brief Guide That Makes Becoming the Best Home Cook Simple

Did you know that many American adults have no idea how to cook from scratch? If you’re one of them, this might not surprise you. 

You might have dreams of being the best home cook and cooking all types of foods for your friends and family members, but how can you do that if you can barely cook eggs without burning them?

We’re here to offer a few tips that can help. Read on to learn more. 

Watch the Pros

If you’re not a natural cook, one of the best things that you can do is to watch professionals while you’re beginning your cooking journey. 

There are plenty of online chefs on YouTube that you can watch any time. You can follow along with their recipes or just try to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing (even if you’re not interested in that particular recipe).

Sometimes it’s best to watch these online cooks because they’re easier to follow along with than high-end professional chefs.

In a pinch, you could even have a chef come to your home and observe them while they cook. You can use a site like to find a chef nearby.

Follow Simple Recipes

Some people can immediately start experimenting in the kitchen and end up with fantastic results, but for most people, this isn’t the case. You have to walk before you can run (so to speak), so you have to start with real recipes.

There are simple recipes for every price point and every dietary preference. Resist the urge to make substitutions unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re a vegan, for example, look for recipes that are already vegan-friendly.

By following recipes, you’ll be sharpening your cooking skills. You’ll start to learn what certain ingredients and techniques do for your meals.

Once you’re feeling more confident, you can move on to experimentation. 

Do Things the Hard Way

There are so many things that make cooking more convenient, but if you’re trying to make the best home cookie, do things the hard way instead.

This isn’t a good option for people who are short on time, so do it to your best ability.

Instead of buying pre-shredded cheese, shred it yourself. Instead of buying pre-minced garlic, take a few minutes to chop it (or use a helpful tool). 

This will also make you a more mindful chef.

Get the Right Tools

The right kitchen essentials can upgrade your cooking immediately, believe it or not.

Resist the urge to get cheap pans. Nicer pans will help with heat balance on the stove, and they can withstand higher heat. Cheap nonstick pans will peel after only a few uses, while pricier ones tend to last longer. 

Get sharp knives, even if you only chop vegetables with them. 

You can also invest in some helpful kitchen accessories, like an Instant Pot or air fryer. These things don’t make you a worse cook; they make you resourceful. 

Try These Tips to be the Best Home Cook

If you want to be the best home cook that you can be, keep these tips in mind. You’ll be your household’s favorite home chef in no time!

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