How to Cook Crab Deliciously

Is there anything better than a platter of steamed crabs?

If you love crab but are often disappointed with the end result, you need to try cooking it yourself. It’s not as hard as you think, and you can’t go wrong with any of the easy crab recipes. If you want to learn how to cook crab legs, the options are endless.

You need to try these steps on how to make crab taste even better. The result will be a meal that your family will remember and ask you to make again and again.

Read on to learn how to make delicious crab!

Select the Right Crab

The best way to get great-tasting crabs is to start with the right crab. Make sure that you get one that is heavy for its size. This generally means that it is full of meat.

You should also look for crabs that have shiny shells and avoid any crabs that have shell damage. This is an indication that the crab is not fresh.

To get the best crabmeat, start with male crabs, which are called “jimmies.” They’re usually a little larger than females and have more meat in their claws. If you can’t find jimmies, get females, which are called “sooks.”

Select live crabs from a tank, and look for a crab that is fresh and has a bright color. If you must buy them pre-cooked, look for bright red crabs with tightly curled claws. If you are in the market for live crabs, stone crab meat found here would be a perfect choice.

Prepare the Crab

To cook crab, you will need to clean them first. Cut the crab in half with a large knife and remove the guts and gills. Wash the crab with cold water and set them aside.

Methods to Cook the Crab

One of the best ways to cook crab is to steam it. This allows the crab to retain its natural flavors and juices. Simply place the crab in a steamer basket over boiling water and cook for about 8 minutes, or until the crab is cooked through.

For an even easier method, try cooking crab in the microwave. Simply place the crab in a microwave-safe dish, add a little water, and cook on high for 3-4 minutes.

Baking and sauteing are two popular methods. When baking, it is important to use a light hand with seasoning as the crab will release some of its own natural juices while cooking.

Sauteing crab is a quick method that allows the crab to retain its natural flavors. Seasoning can be added before or after cooking. When sauteing, it is important not to overcrowd the pan so that the crab has ample space to cook evenly.

Learning to Cook Crab Deliciously

There are many different ways to cook crab. Whatever method you choose, just make sure that the crab meat is cooked through. Don’t forget to season your crab with Old Bay, garlic, and lemon.

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