Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks You Should Try the Next Time You Go Out

The non-alcoholic drinks movement is growing faster than ever! In 2021, every beverage category, including beer and wine, saw astonishing growth. In fact, non-alcoholic spirits sales skyrocketed by 113 percent last year!

Modern alcohol alternatives are an upgrade from the sugary faux wine and tasteless beer of 20 years ago. Quench your thirst with some of the best non-alcohol drinks out there!

1. Hemp-Based Cocktails

The hemp-based cocktail is the modern, sleek version of a non-alcohol mixed drink. These delicious drinks claim to relax the system without the damaging effects of alcohol. Sometimes called CBD cocktails, they come in alcohol and non-alcoholic varieties.

To make one at home, start by sourcing high-quality non-alcoholic CBD spirits. Then substitute any alcohol in your favorite recipe with the hemp version! Imagine the beauty of a hemp-based gin tonic with a slice of cucumber on a hot summer’s day.

2. Malt Drinks

If you love the taste of beer, you need to sample some malt beverages! Malt drinks undergo a fermentation process similar to beer. They’re also barley-based, giving them a slightly sweet, smoky flavor.

We love the Maltina brand because it’s fortified with calcium and vitamins A, B, and C! What’s better than a health drink that tastes like your favorite pub brew? Check it out here!

3. Alcohol-Free Wine

Alcohol-free wine used to be on the same level as slightly stale grape juice. But modern versions are much more sophisticated, artisanal-made, and packed with flavor! They’re also low in calories and better for your wallet.

And when we think of summer drinks, non-alcohol wine is a great daytime option. To find a high-quality wine, head to a small or artisanal producer where the flavor tends to be better. And check the sugar content before you buy, as non-ABV wines sometimes contain more!

4. Sophisticated Mocktails

Mocktails usually conjure up images of Shirley Temples and kids’ menus. But today’s mocktails are crafted with non-alcoholic spirits that taste just like the real thing! Every type of alcohol has a personality, whether it’s piney gin or smoky tequila.

Non-alcoholic spirits retain these delicious flavors without the addition of alcohol. A non-alcoholic drink recipe you need to try this weekend is the classic French 75. Combine soda, lemon juice, sugar, and non-alcohol gin for a heavenly sip!

5. Zero-Proof Bubbly

Champagne is everyone’s favorite way to celebrate! But if you’ve ever had non-alcoholic champagne from the grocery store, you know it falls flat. That sickly sweet and sour flavor can’t stack up against the real thing.

Look for labels that say champagne rather than sparkling wine to get the best sip of bubbly. The champagne label means the grapes come from the Champagne region of France, where strict laws apply to production. Also, make sure you go for a dry version to limit the amount of sugar and avoid drinking glorified soda.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Every Palate!

Are you looking to ditch alcohol, cut calories, or expand your options? There’s a non-alcoholic alternative for everyone. Explore the world of non-alcoholic drinks to find your new favorite!

Ready for more exciting culinary content? Check out some of the articles below. And cheers to a summer of non-alcoholic drinks!

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