A Steadier Path To Shedding Pounds

In a world where 97% of diets fail, weight loss can be a lengthy and arduous journey. 42% of U.S. adults gained notable weight during the COVID-19 pandemic with 52% of Americans currently desiring weight loss. On average, Americans put on 29 pounds during stay-at-home orders. A staggering 10% of the nation has gained over 50 pounds during the health emergency with  60% agreeing that weight loss has become significantly more challenging since then.

In a time of isolation, the effects of obesity on mental health took an additional toll. Obesity has been linked to stress, which surges the body with cortisol, tampering with the brain’s essential functions. As these functions taint, victims experience impaired sociability, faulty mood control, anxiety, and decline of memory impulsivity. Further, mental health injuries impair memory and mental processes, making the adoption of new habits, sustaining motivation, and employing weight loss routines more difficult. Our nation desperately needs to tackle the epidemic of obesity as willingly as it tackled the Coronavirus pandemic, as 80% of Americans with severe mental illness are medically obese or overweight, and obesity has been proven to yield a death rate 300% greater than that of the respective population.

Opt for a more holistic, sustainable weight loss path. Various forms of therapy, nutrition and fitness coaching, medical practitioner consultations, and meditation generate the long-lasting, noticeable results that many seek in diets. Choose a probable path, a healthier life, and embark on a journey to be the best version of you.

Weight Loss Isn't What You Think​

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