Types of Education To Pursue After High School

Continued education can be beneficial to you as you work toward your ideal career path and begin cultivating the skills and experience you need to make more money. However, high school students may not know exactly what they want to do or what type of education they need to make their dreams a reality. The good news? There are many types of education to pursue to help you reach your goals. Here are a few types you may be interested in pursuing after high school.

Work toward your college degree at a top university.


Getting a job without a college degree can be tough, even in a lot of entry-level jobs today. Making the decision to go to college and invest in your education is one that will pay off for most. This is especially true if you’re going into a technical field. Both community colleges and four-year universities can help you achieve this. If you plan on attending a strictly online university, heavily vet it so that you know you’re getting the quality and education you need to thrive in your industry of choice. No matter which direction you choose, higher education can help you reach your goals.

With that in mind, most high school seniors can always use support to get through the college admissions process with ease. One way to make college admissions easier is to reach out to a counselor. A college admissions counselor can walk you through each of the aspects of getting into your top school, including support with test prep so you can improve your test scores, edit your admissions essay, and even learn more about financial aid (scholarships, FAFSA, etc.). Look for college admissions consulting firms near you that can help you get into your dream school with the right guidance.

Consider going the trade route if there’s a skill you want to learn.

Learning a trade can be a great way to jump headfirst into a career you’re passionate about in no time at all. While trade schools aren’t as widely discussed as college, you can still make a good deal of money in a trade career. But where do you get started? Let’s imagine, for example, that you love cutting and styling hair for your friends and family. Going to cosmetology school can give you all the necessary training you need to master your craft and prepare yourself for a job at a nearby salon or barbershop. More importantly, cosmetology school can offer financial aid and help you find job opportunities after you receive your license. All you have to do to begin your journey is to look up schools in your area (like “beauty school in Denver, CO“) and apply.

Look for certifications that can help you launch a career.


Certification programs give you the knowledge and experience needed to start a new job without having to necessarily have a college degree beforehand. Take, for example, salesforce certifications. Some have managed to work their way to six figures a year by getting the proper salesforce certifications and landing the right clients. No matter which certification program attracts you most, make sure that your investment will help you work toward a career and offer experience that employers will appreciate. Just because there’s an online course or certification out there doesn’t mean that it has the curriculum or name you need to thrive in your career of choice.

When you graduate high school, there’s so much out there for you to learn and apply to your job of choice. Discover some of your options in the guide above to learn more about which educational opportunities might be right for you.

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