How to Be a Healthier You in the New Year

A new year brings a wave of desire to be better in our social, personal, and work lives. Healthier life habits are on top of most people’s resolutions for the year.

What you eat contributes a lot to how you look and feel. A healthy meal can go a long way in fueling your body for a productive day. A great way to ensure you get enough fruits and vegetables to your diet is through smoothies and salads. Whole foods provide a wide range of nutrients and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Portion control is a safe and healthy way to get to your ideal weight when you want to shed some weight. We are all built differently, and our caloric and nutritional needs vary. A great way to make sure that you maintain healthy eating habits is to include comfort foods and snacks now and then so that you don’t overeat. You can prepare meals that you will eat for a week to ensure that you always have healthy home-cooked meals when needed.

Part of a healthy routine needs to involve some form of exercise. You can join a gym, do yoga and even go for a jog in the morning will be very beneficial to your mind and body. Try to squeeze in at least half an hour of exercise each day and build from there. Walking to work is a non-strenuous way to stay fit and get in your daily cardio. Start slow if you are working out in the gym without a personal trainer. Some workouts like weight lifting, squats, and lunges may leave you sore, a quality anti-inflammatory roll-on will relieve muscle pain, and you can go on about your day without any aches. A healthy mind is vital for a healthy lifestyle, so take care of your mental health as well.

The benefits of great sleep cannot be overemphasized. A good night’s sleep will help you be more productive and reduce your chances of overeating. Set a bedtime that will ensure you get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Instead of using your phone an hour before sleep, try meditation or reading a book to relax and calm your body.

A suitable new year resolution is to drink fewer alcoholic drinks, coffee, and sugary beverages. You can substitute these drinks with lots of water and herbal teas, which are much healthier for you. A glass of wine over the weekend or on special occasions need not be frowned upon.

Self Care
There are many forms of self-care you can try. A day at the spa, unplugging from social media, and vacations are a way to reduce your stress levels and be your optimum self. You can also try keeping a journal and reading self-improvement books.

Having realistic and attainable goals will help you become a better you this year. Keep in mind what is important to you, and stay away from things that infringe on your peace of mind.

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