How to Know When It’s Time to Replace a Car’s Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Due to their importance, vehicle owners will need to make sure that they are always well maintained. In order to maintain the brakes, there are times when they will need to be replaced. Drivers will need to look for some signs so that they can immediately take action to get new brakes and continue driving their vehicles safely.

1.    Squeaking or Squealing From the Brakes

One of the first signs that your brakes need to be replaced is when they begin to squeak and squeal. This happens when the brake pads are worn out and are at the end of their useful life. Whenever the brakes begin to squeak and do this on a consistent basis, you will need to replace them so that you can operate the vehicle more safely and avoid making excess noise when driving the car.

2.    Grinding Sound When Braking

Another sign that the brakes need to be replaced is when they begin to grind. When the brakes begin to wear down, they often grind with one another instead of making contact with the pad. Once the pad is worn out, the brakes will then rely on grinding in order to work. Whenever this happens, you will need to replace the brakes by getting new pads and even new brakes so that you can have a fresh set to operate the vehicle safely.

3.    Vibration

When driving your car a vibration will often take place when you stop the car. This is another key sign that the brakes are worn out and need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you stop the car and the entire vehicle vibrates along with the steering wheel, it is a definitive sign that the brakes are used up and you will need to get new ones so that you can prevent potential danger such as accidents in the future. To learn more about addressing vibration on your vehicle, check out the site

4.    Taking Longer to Stop

If your vehicle takes a longer time to stop, that is another indicator that the brakes need replacement soon. When you step on the brake and it takes a second or two longer to stop the vehicle, you will need to get this addressed immediately. You will need to get new brakes and pads so that the car can stop quickly and prevent accidents.

5.    Brake Pad Indicator Light Turns On

As well as experiencing changes in how your vehicle moves and stops, you will also want to look for signs on your dashboard. One of the signs that the brakes need to be replaced is when the brake pad indicator light turns on. Although this can be a glitch in the electrical system, it is most likely informing you that the brake pads need to be replaced. If the brake pads don’t completely solve the problem, then you will need to install new brakes in order to drive the vehicle safely.

6.    Brake Pads Look to be Thin

Whenever you are looking to determine when the brakes need to be replaced, it is also necessary to check the break pads themselves if you can. If the pads are very thin, then that is an indication that they will need to be replaced immediately. In order to see if the pads are thin, you should check them every few months so that you can make sure that they are in good condition or need to be replaced soon.

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