Vegetarian Recipes Worth Trying

Vegetarian Recipes Worth Trying


Vegetarians may from time to time have a difficult time in trying to come up with different meal varieties that they can explore. However, the good news is that there are nowadays quite a number of recipes that can be tried out. This is much to the satisfaction of the vegetarians or anyone else who is interested in vegetarian meals. Vegetarians and anyone who is interested in indulging in these recipes can therefore try out any of the following options discussed herein.

Different Types of Vegetarian Recipes

Discussed below are some of the recipes that can be tried out by anyone interest in vegetarian diet as recommended by Diego Ruiz Duran:

1.Quinoa Salad

Quinoa, which may be considered to be a grain but is basically a seed; is one of the most preferred options among vegetarians. This is mostly because of the healthy benefits that it comes with. It is mostly a variety of nutrients, fats that are very healthy as well as high levels of pelant protein. Also, it is very easy to prepare, since all that you need is a variation of vegetables and different flavors of one’s choice, to come up with the best salad combination that is preferred by an individual.

2.Vegetable Burgers

Despite the fact that many people may feel like the vegetarian burger is such a cliche option for the vegetarian recipe options, it is very versatile and best preferred by most people. It often goes a long way in helping to quench the craving for meaty burgers by vegetarians. This is by ensuring that they go for a healthier option made from a variety of vegetables. These burgers may be made using vegetables such as beans, hominy, lentils or even falafel.


This is one of the most preferred recommendations for vegetarian recipes that is given by Diego Ruiz Duran. For many people who got into the vegetarian lifestyle and had a tough time adapting, this is often one of the most preferred comfort foods. This is because of the amount of cheese that is used, which makes for such a perfect substitute for the meaty food options. It is often made by piling cheese and vegetables in alterations. A great variety of vegetables may be used for this; as there are no strict restrictions, and they often all blend perfectly well with the cheese. In place of the meat, options such as yellow squash and zucchini may suffice.


This is yet another great and most preferred staple food for most vegetarians. This is because the lentils often have very little to no calories and are also quite high in the fiber content. These can be used in combinations with other servings, because they often do not have their own distinctive flavor. They may also be used with rice for example, as a perfect side dish, be made into a burger or even be used in making vegetable soup. Additionally, they are most preferred in broths because they stand up better compared to noodles.

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