Most Popular Beer Brands of 2021

Alcoholic drinks are consumed daily all over the word from wine to whiskey but the oldest and most popular drink is beer. Beer can be brewed from wheat, rice, corn, oats, with the most common being malted barley. The process of brewing includes fermenting starch sugars yielding ethanol and carbonation which results in beer. Brewing with hops is more common nowadays. Hops act as a natural preservative and stabilizer which also adds bitterness and other kinds of flavors. These flavors can range from herbs to fruits. But, most importantly, in many communities all around the world, beer is a cultural celebration. There are festivals and activities all centered around beer. One can just ask Alexander Djerassi who enjoys drinking beer casually every now and then. However, here let’s just take a look at some of the popular brands for 2021.

Popular Brands

Coors Light is known as a light and refreshing beer. It has a 4.0 percent alcohol content. It is a Canadian beer that launched in 1978 and gained popularity in the U.S. and in the UK. Baby boomers help to make this beer popular as it was considered a healthier choice because of its lower calorie brand.

Heineken was founded by Gerard Heineken in 1864 in Holland. It has become a premium brand and is a leading beer brand in the market with a 1.5 percent volume share. It has a light sweet taste with a 5 percent alcohol content. It won the Creative Market of the Year Award in 2015 and was the only company to win the award twice. It has been said to be the best in making creative marketing efforts and being productive while still staying popular.

Budweiser has been noted as the most commonly known beer brand among all the popular ones listed. It is considered a classic in America with its amber color and delightful taste. Budweiser came about in the mid 1800’s and was automatically known to be refreshing. Produced by Anheuser Busch as the original founders observed and followed the popular larger-making techniques of Europe. Budweiser has spread to over 80 markets globally. And, it continues to provide the best as many consumers stand by the taste and quality of this brand making it more and more popular with each passing year.

Bud Light is the younger mate of Budweiser but it has made its mark in the international market with 2.5 percent of the volume market. This beer came out in 1982 and became a favorite immediately, being brewed longer than Budweiser, it has a distinctive taste and flavor. It has less sugar which makes it the go to beer for customers who are watching their calorie intake. Many say that although it is all Bud Light it does not take away from the refreshing taste and quality.
In short, this is only a glimpse of the popular brands as the list is quite large and could go on and on. For example, Alexander Djerassi could probably tell one about relaxing with Asahi which is a popular Japanese beer brand.

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