Steven Manall: Charleston’s Leading Chef

As a part of our series here at Taste Terminal, of profiling leading chefs, today we will focus on highlighting the master cuisine of Steven Manall. Hailing from New Jersey, Manall has already made a name for himself in Charleston, South Carolina. The town, known for its cuisine and posh restaurants, is a hotbed for talented chefs. As such, Manall has been able to fit right in.

A New Jersey native and Executive Chef of The Palmetto Cafe, Steven Manall developed a passion for cooking at a young age. Unlike many chefs that credit their mothers or grandmothers as the impetus for their culinary careers, Chef Steven Manall, credits the men in his family. Particularly his grandfathers, who were outdoors men, who loved fishing, canoeing, hunting or just working in the yard. It was this early introduction to these hardy and rich-in-flavor foods that formed Steven’s approach to cuisine. As the chef of the lone Four Star restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch in the state of South Carolina Steven never relies simply on portion size to satisfy his guests. Instead, he uses classic dishes as inspiration and adds unique flavors, preparations, and presentations.
After receiving an Associates Degree in Applied Science in 2005 at Atlantic Cape Community College’s Academy of Culinary Arts, Chef Manall made his way down to Charleston, South Carolina for an internship at Charleston Place. Upon completing the internship, Steven was hired on at Charleston Place, then ventured outside of Charleston after a few years and landed as a Sous Chef at The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland and in the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. After a few years of roaming, Charleston, as it does for most, stayed with him and called him back. Upon returning, Chef Manall has worked as a Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine for The Palmetto Cafe at Belmond Charleston Place.

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