Importance of Daily Prayer

From the inception of time, people have been introduced to the idea of a Creator who created all the beautiful sceneries of lush plant life, mountains and valleys, seas and lakes which are home to exotic sea and land creatures. All the intelligent and lovely people around us are evidence that Christ exists. What is even more exciting and wonderful is that with all these beautiful things He has created, Christ decided that His world would be complete if he did not include his people.

His interest in people is why daily prayer is essential; all people are important to Christ. He wants people to experience joy, happiness, and peace while maintaining a stable connection with Him. The best way to maintain this connection is to talk to Christ daily through prayer.

From West Hempstead, New York, Shalom Lamm, a speaker and military historian, studied at the Yeshiva University. Upon completing his studies, he earned a degree from the American Military University in American Military History. Shalom launched a non-profit organization, Operation Benjamin, responsible for identifying Jewish soldiers who fought and lost their lives in World War 2 and were not buried properly.

When the organization has identified these soldiers’ burial spots, the organization changes the grave markers to the Star of David. Jewish burial ceremonies are significant to the Jewish population, and this organization has been very integral in providing many families with resolution and peace of mind.

While Shalom Lamm heads this organization, he remains active and has a busy life. Lamm, who believes in Christ wholeheartedly also believes that he should have time in his day to connect with God daily. Like many people, he has seen moments in his life where God has connected with him and has led him on a unique path. The evidence of this path God has led him on is evident in his work through the organization. Often, in people’s lives, they have found themselves going through experiences where they find it challenging to share with other persons within their circle. Hence the reason why having a relationship with Christ is the best choice because persons are able to talk to Him about anything without being judged or ridiculed.

Persons may wonder what time is the best time to pray. Conveniently, individuals do not need to have a specific or particular time to pray. His days are always very busy, even more so in the pandemic. However, he recognizes that there is a need to maintain his relationship with God. Based on his personal preference, he may do his daily prayer when his day starts or when his day ends. Most people who pray in the hours of the morning believe that this is the ideal time to connect with Christ to show gratitude to Him for living to see another day filled with new and bright opportunities. However, other persons may prefer to pray at noon or in the evenings. The most vital thing is that the connection was made with Christ. Through this connection people are building and maintaining the relationship they have with Christ who will always fulfill his promise to protect and bless them as they live each day.

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