Beal Properties On Getting Your Apartment Ready For Fall

Beal Properties On Getting Your Apartment Ready For Fall

While you may still be stretching out the final days of summer, hints of fall are undoubtedly beginning to creep in. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at coffee houses, and your email inbox is filled with deals on newly released candles with names like “Sweater Weather”, “Fireside”, and “Chilly Nights”. The experts at Beal Properties, a leading Chicago real estate owner and operator, tout the benefits of using this transition time to prepare your apartment for fall. Before you indulge in cozy blankets and furry slippers, read on for tips to maximize your dwelling for the upcoming season of hygge.

Stow Away Summer, Welcome Fall

If you’ve been throwing flip flops in the entryway haphazardly all summer long, take this time to organize summer related items that you will be phasing out. From seasonal drinkware to summery welcome mats, invest in storage boxes, containers, or bags to neatly organize these summertime favorites. For small spaces, the pros at Beal Properties recommend cleverly creating storage space under beds by placing items in flat bins. They also suggest creating additional storage space atop closets by using clearly labeled plastic containers. 

Seasoned apartment dwellers also recognize the value of furniture with built-in storage capacity, like couches that lift to expose hidden storage areas, or ottomans that can easily house blankets. If you’ve been daydreaming about updating any furniture, considering investing in pieces that have storage potential. Before the seasons change, neatly store your summertime essentials, decor, and even clothing. Rotating your closet to put away summer dresses and shorts will create more room for bulky sweaters and pants, leaving you feeling more organized in the morning. Unlike the case for decor, you may want to leave out a few warmer weather pieces of clothing, though. While you won’t regret switching your seashell wreath for an acorn adorned one, you may regret having nothing left to wear on a freakishly warm early fall day.

Proactively Wash Bedding, Blankets, And Towels

While you most likely already wash these essentials on a regular basis, the transition between summer and fall is an excellent time to ensure that everything snuggly is fresh and clean. After all, it may have been a few months since you’ve last seen your favorite chenille throw blanket. With over thirty years of experience helping countless Chicago dwellers enjoy their apartments, the pros at Beal Properties tout the importance of checking washing instructions on all items. To add some bonus fall fragrance opportunities, look for special edition laundry products with crisp scents.

Check The Heat

There’s nothing worse than realizing that your heat source isn’t operating properly during the coldest night of the fall. To prevent this dreaded scenario, experienced Building Managers at Chicago’s Beal Properties recommend that you take a moment to test out your heat after the days of constantly running air conditioners are through. 

Fight Drafts

Tackling larger cleaning projects, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself cleaning windows and window sills. This is a great time to check the insulation and lining around your windows, entry doors, and back doors. To do so, feel around the edges of the windows. If your finger feels wind or cold air now, you may face unwelcomed drafts once the weather turns. Instead of waiting for crisp nights, the pros at Beal Properties recommend that you contact Building Management, or your rental office to handle any potential drafts. For DIY-lovers, you can consider purchasing stick-on insulation to place around drafty windows, and draft snakes under doors.

Deep Clean Appliances

While this deep cleaning task isn’t necessarily connected to the fall season, early fall is a great time to tackle such tasks. Not only will a deep clean ensure that your appliances are running efficiently, it can slow down the normal wear and tear that results in broken appliances. Overseeing a portfolio of 100 multi-unit properties across Chicago, Beal Properties has seen their fair share of malfunctioning appliances. In many cases, lack of preventative care combined with natural wear and tear is to blame for non-functioning appliances. With fall being the unofficial “Season Of Home”, deep cleaning of all appliances prior to the onset of fall should be on any apartment dweller’s seasonal to-do list.

Make sure to detail all dishwashers, change out lint filters on dryers, and clean the dust behind refrigerators that can get stuck in the mechanism. Defrost built-up ice in the back of the freezer, and tackle all dried spills in the oven. Beal Properties’ Building Managers encourage tenants to contact their bespoke maintenance personnel with any questions regarding cleaning, proactive maintenance of appliances, and any other questions. Property Managers appreciate tenants who take the extra steps to take care of their appliances, and thus, will be more than happy to share their tips and tricks with tenants.

Check Your Alarms

During this seasonal transition, you should remember to check the batteries in all of your alarms. This includes all in-unit fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and security systems. While you’re at it, you can proactively check the status of alarms in any hallways or communal spaces. When checking equipment, make sure that batteries are operational, and that all equipment appears to be functioning properly. Many alarms have test functions that you can set off to confirm status.

Obviously, alarms are important for safety purposes, and can be life-saving. Yet, some apartment dwellers forget to check the status of these pivotal pieces of equipment regularly. Some may assume that they will keep working indefinitely, while others simply adopt the “out of sight, out of mind” mantra. Beal Properties professionals encourage tenants to proactively engage in this activity during deep cleaning, or even setting smartphone calendar reminders every few months. By ensuring your proactive safety, you can relax and safely enjoy your apartment.

By following these simple steps during the transition between summer and fall, you can proactively ensure a successful hygge season. Proactively getting your apartment ready for fall will ensure that you won’t be defensively scrambling when the weather is already chilly. Instead, you’ll be snuggled up with a good movie, oversized cup of tea, fuzzy socks, and a safe, clean, and organized apartment!

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