The Different Types of Beer Explained: A Detailed Guide

Are you interested in learning about all the different types of beer that there is to choose from?

Perhaps you’re trying to get further into the craft beer scene. Maybe you’re wanting to try different beers that you’ve never had before.

Whatever the case might be, knowing the different beers will help you choose which ones you’d like to try.

Brewers all over the world make many different variations, but they all fit into the category of one of the types listed below.

Here are all the main types of beers that are out there in the world. Be sure to try them all and find your preferred palate.

India Pale Ale (IPA)

Even first-time beer drinkers have heard the term “IPA” in passing before. However, they might not know that it stands for India Pale Ale.

These beers are known for their taste, which infuses hops and fruity flavors. Some variations of IPAs are hoppier than others, some are more citrusy than others.

The taste also has a bitter taste to it and has a higher alcohol level than lagers, pale ales, and many other types on this list.

It’s a beer type that brewers and beer fanatics go crazy for. It’s arguably the most loved beer among the craft beer scene, as it offers so many different styles and flavors.

Better yet, there are many different IPA styles such as Belgian IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Double IPAs, and Session IPAs to name a few.


If you’re just starting out on your craft beer journey or would consider yourself a base-level beer drinker, then lagers are for you.

For those of you that drink the traditional domestic beers such as Yuengling (east coasters), Budweiser, or Coors, you’re drinking a lager.

They’re perfect for beer novices because of their low alcohol content and light body flavor. It’s the perfect “first step” for anyone that wants to try different beer types down the line.

If you were to pick up an IPA for your first-ever beer, you’d most likely spit it out. But after drinking lagers for a while, you’ll develop a taste for hoppier beers such as Pale Ales and IPAs.

For all you novices looking to get a gift for the beer-lover in your life, be sure to consider these beer gift ideas.

Brown Ales

Smoky, sweet, and amber… these are three words you might not think would make a great pairing, but they certainly do for brown ales.

Brown ales are made with a focus on the malt ingredients while the beer is being brewed. 

They are a bit of a secret, even in the craft beer community, but their mixture of different flavors make them a work of art.

They’re no heavier in alcohol content than a pale ale, but they give off a richer flavor closer to that of a stout. 

Those of you that enjoy Guinness, but want something a bit lighter in color, you might fall in love with brown ales.

Pale Ales

So… you have a taste for the hops, but you don’t enjoy getting a beer that’s too heavy in alcohol content. 

Just a step down from the IPA is a pale ale, one of the most popular beer types in the world.

Every brewery that you go to will have a different variation of a pale ale. In fact, many craft beer fanatics enjoy trying American pale ales, Imperial pale ales, and English pale ales.

If you want a drink that boasts hoppy flavors but goes down smooth with every sip, you will develop a liking for pale ales. In fact, many consider pale ales to be the next “step” from those that want to venture beyond lagers.


if you take a drink of a pale ale and still think you need a bit more of a warm-up to the hoppy flavors, give pilsners a try.

Pilsners are essentially hoppy lagers. They have a low alcohol content with a range of hops mixed into the brewing process.

They’ll still offer that crisp and refreshing flavor that you’re looking for, making them the perfect beer to drink on a hot summer’s day. They also have the clear body of a lager, giving a clean look that many people are searching for.

The next time you want a drink by the pool, reach for a hoppy pilsner… you’ll be glad you did!


Maybe you’re the type that, when you feel like having a beer, you want something that’s heavy and filling.

If so, then you’re going to love porters. Porters are exceptionally popular in the UK for their dark color and rich ingredients.

Many breweries in America like to have a different play on porters in order to cater to their clientele’s need for adventure. Because of that, you’ll find crazy flavors like a PB&J porter, peanut butter porter, chocolate sundae porter, etc.

If you like stouts, but wish for something with more of a chocolate flavor, then porters are the beer type for you!

Give All These Different Types of Beer a Shot

Now that you’ve seen all the different types of beer, it’s time for you to extend your palate.

Be sure to consider all the different types of beer that you might like to try. If you’re just starting out, try starting with a lager, then a pilsner, and then a pale ale or IPA from there.

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